I am Very Busy … with Ban.do

 … being Food & Fashion focused!

When trying to think of a NEW blog name, I was very inspired by my new Ban.do Agenda … SO – here’s the rundown … I often “pencil” people in well in advance (this includes my very patient boyfriend lol) & without fail by the time a particular week rolls in, I am going non-stop back-to-back. Birthdays, Dinners, Lunches, Brunches, Breakfast, Liquid Dinners, Snacks, High Tea, Drinks, Shopping, more Shopping, Food Festivals, Concerts, everything in between & more!

Being half-Filipino & half-Italian, it goes without saying that I am FOOD & FASHION focused – how could I not share my passions with you all. My shoe collection is well on it’s way to rival Imelda Marcos and according to my boyfriend’s friends (& mine) – everyone awaits to see a new Facebook check-in … With the hope of seeing some mouth-watering food delights …

When trawling online I was trying to decide what type of Agenda to buy … Hmmmmmmm  – trusty leather Moleskine? (2 years in a row now) … Pretty Kate Spade?… Refillable Filofax? … I came across Ban.do by chance whilst searching for cool agendas that match my pretty, colourful, busy & fun lifestyle. Needless to say I fell head over heels in love with it! It’s delightfully pretty, spacious and fun. Although it sold out online, I was lucky enough to score one from Ebay.

Check out the super cute pages – each one unique & always puts a smile on my face! Plus they included some cute stickers (yes – how old am I?!) …Ban.do is based in LA & have tons of flair-ish fun products! … They also sell cute bags, accessories, travel mugs, diamond-shaped speakers, jewellery and much more! Check it out online: www.shopbando.com


MoreAnd so I officially launch my NEW blog – it’s still big-girl-grownup … I’m here to take you on the food+fashion-focused-fun-filled journey … There will be FOOD photos aplenty with reviews, talk of recent SHOE purchases, recipes, photos & quotes that feed my soul plus other great finds. By all means, I ain’t some fashion-guru or chef – but I believe that everyone in this world has their own style & flair to share with the world!

Thanks for reading what shall be the first of many more posts to come & hopefully you can see what really keeps me busy!

❤ Jen x

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