Gelato my Burger THEN Nutella my Arancini @ Cremeria De Luca …

Ciao a Tutti!

Welcome back & thanks for stopping by “I am Very Busy” … NEW POST and drumroll please … It’s all about … FOOD!!! I can already hear the sound of rumbling tummies, round of applause & fiery fireworks from near & afar!

One Sunny Saturday afternoon I dragged my boyfriend down to Cremeria De Luca (lucky for me he was a willing participant haha) located in the Inner West area of Five Dock. It’s a cute little place on the corner with rustic decor and knick knack pieces that really remind me of my Sicilian father.

So there has been all this talk of Gelato Burgers and Nutella-filled-Arancini … And yes you did read that right. Now some people believe marrying savoury-type dishes with sweets is a “no-go” … But hey I say: Don’t knock it until you try it.

Cremeria De Luca is now known for such inventive dishes, alongside with their large range of granita paired with homemade fresh “panna” (cream). What to choose? … Where to start? … How many courses I am allowed to have?! We opted to share the first granita and gelato burger – which really means I ate most of the gelato burger HAHA.

My boyfriend Luca chose a citrus-based granita “Lemon Lime Bitters: – it was so summery & refreshing … AND we also had the “Pina Colada” (pineapple, coconut & panna). I have to admit despite the fact that I have been to Italy twice now (& having a Sicilian father), I have failed to have tried an authentic granita (yes – shame on me!!!). Now my boyfriend is from the North of Italy so it may be slightly different. Luca was all praises: “Compared to the standard granita it was less icy & more juicy… and the cream was amazing! Much better than the industrial one … Less sugary and lighter… Very enjoyable and refreshing”



NOWGelato Burger (I called this dish my ‘entree’ haha) … The fresh brioche bun is usually filled with “panna” (I opted out as I can’t handle too much dairy), then you can have 1 or 2 scoops of gelato with a generous smear of Nutella … Finalmente topped with a dusting of icing sugar to complete the heavenly masterpiece TA-DAAAAAAA!!! Since it was a super hot day, I decided to try 1 scoop of the delish watermelon gelato. So O.M.G  – I cannot describe the first taste – believe it or not, the combination of Nutella & Watermelon made me want to re-live the first bite on loop. Next time I would travel down the ultimately sinful path with some panna & maybe add more chocolate!

IMG_4928AND … for my MAIN Course – Arancini filled with Nutella … It was an experience to say the least! Yes it was a life changing – especially since it is dessert-related! Dessert is imperative in my life … Having no dessert is like telling me I am not allowed to breathe – this is not an option! So I have grown up eating arancini and in 2013 I spent most of my days in Palermo walking on the street munching on a bolognese arancini whenever I could! Hands down the best arancini experience was in Sicily … So for true Sicilians to open this door here – it was massive news!!! For those who don’t know or have never heard of what it is, arancini is a rice ball stuffed with filling (usually bolognese & gooey mozzarella melted cheese) rolled in breadcrumbs & fried until it’s golden & crunchy.

So we have a sweet arancini in the form of a dessert … As it approached my way, it was like the dessert gods bringing me my own gold platter. I need to make it clear – arancini is street food – which means you pick it up and eat it with your hands! Please do not offend anyone and ask to use a knife & fork … Experience the true Sicilian tradition 🙂 With a light dusting of icing sugar & the tantalising aroma of nutella, I could not wait to dig in! … After syringing some panna inside, the cold cream melted into the arancini … The first bite: perfect crunch of the golden arancini with the warm rice filling, nutella oozing out & panna dancing into the mix … hungry yet?!

Now if I haven’t made it obvious – I am a visual, colourful person – I like LOTS of photos … So here are more to enjoy!




To say I enjoyed my afternoon delight is an understatement … Dessert lovers – do yourself a favour & drop down for a well-deserved, indulgent treat. So until next post – stayed tuned folks … I will definitely return to try more gelato flavours, the savoury foods and most likely do the same food spread as all over again! … Grazie Cremeria De Luca! ❤

Cremeria De Luca
84 Ramsay Road, FIVE DOCK
(02) 9712 4606

Ps – there is also a Cremeria De Luca Pop-up @ The Strand Arcade for those Sydney CBD workers!

Jen ❤

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