Caught in Sophia’s Web – Angel Wings … SHOE-A-HOLIC

* Before I get into the shoe-nitty-gritty of everything … Apologies for the silence. For those who know me well, I had a nasty slip & fall on Monday which has resulted that my right foot to be wounded & bandaged AND I’m also on crutches (THE WORSE!). So by “Day 5 (not that i’m counting) I had become a bedridden, painkiller-taking delirious woman chatting to my cat non-stop (AKA Crazy Cat Lady). I hasn’t seen the outside world in days (until this weekend – plus I’m always being chauffered around) and now I find it ironic that I am the SHOE-A-HOLIC who cannot wear my shoes *cries* … But never fear – I am sure in a few weeks time, I’ll be stepping back into some sexy steps!

My name is Jenny & I am a SHOE-A-HOLIC … Unsure when or where my romantic addiction started … It could have been my mom’s influence – after all, she is Filipino and it must be in the genes to follow Imelda Marcos’ collection – which was around 3000 pairs to be exact … OR it could have formed from my Sex & the City/Manolo Blahnik loving gf “Carrie Bradshaw.” It all begun with Instagram 2015 … 1 random photo plus Victoria Secret 2014 show – GOLD WINGS. IMG_5125 Sophia Webster is a British shoe designer who started her career as Nicholas Kirkwood’s assistant & since then has now grown her own colourful & flamboyant range of footwear. I LOVE LOVE LOVE ❤ her style … The rainbow colour scheme complementing each other, the detailing of individual leather stamping, kaleidoscope spectrum, animal-like, material twisting, pretty pinking, holographic patterns, ferocious fur, rainbow exploding designs & more. Firstly, the box – so pretty, simple & delicate – love the glittery ribbon detailing. Secondly, the smell of fresh leather … Yes I know this sounds rather odd but I like the scent of newly crafted leather shoes. Whilst unveiling the shoes, I swore I heard my heart-beating-a-1000-flutters-into-the-sky … TA-DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!IMG_5127 Heaven – they look like heaven! The ANGEL WINGS collection are every bit as beautiful as I imagined. The originally hand-crafted rose gold wings are so pretty & delicate, with a dainty ankle strap. For me, I love little things … Love the solid yet slim-pin-line heel – the Evangeline is my first and not my last pair I will be purchasing from the Sophia Webster collection. Quite frankly I am disappointed I didn’t discover her sooner when I was in London in 2013. So for all you shoe-luvers out there … Take a peek & ready to be mesmerized: … And let me say that this won’t be the last Sophia Webster post. I Heart Sophia Webster shoes!!! ❤ And I will be walking again … Jen ❤ IMG_5126

2 Comments on “Caught in Sophia’s Web – Angel Wings … SHOE-A-HOLIC

    • omg goodness! I missed this – apologies … These are as comfy as you are in heels 😉 that being said, the shoe itself is very light & not cumbersome to wear … Very delicate.


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