Challenged by a 1 Metre Pizza @ Bar Surry Hills & Italian Kitchen

1 Couple Vs Pizza … And not just any pizza … a 1 metre pizza!!! There is pizza and then there is enough pizza-to-feed-Sydney! One may ask what would compel a food-obsessed couple to eat so much … well it was inevitable. Most (if not all) of our friends know that we eat – a lot. At my age of 33 I must admit that my metabolism is now moving at a much slower rate, but I do thank my mom’s skinny-Asian genes for gracing me with such luck. I have decided to enjoy it because one day I will balloon into oblivion like a blimp in the sky …

So this was received as a Christmas gift from another food-obsessed couple … and the deets:
Who: myself & my boyfriend Luca
Where: Bar Surry Hills & Italian Village
When: a lazy Friday night
Why: why not?!
The MEAL: 1 metre pizza + 4 x craft beer/cider
Bar Surry Hills & Italian Village is located inside the Rydges Hotel at the back of Central Station, Sydney. Although it may seem like most of hotel guests can easily pop in, it’s also available for anyone to pop in (I’m guessing the Groupon is to spread the word) – from the local after work crowd, romantic nightcap to having an easy dinner with friends. The menu is Italian-inspired and the bar is lined with bottles of Campari (this is very Italian). They are known for creating and selling their own craft beers & cider on tap! My boyfriend had the “Pale Ale” and described it to be lovely and I ordered a “Cider” that was very easy to drink and refreshing (but not too sweet – perfect balance).
I have to say I like the decor & feel – modern & casual with a hint glam (note the pretty crystal chandeliers) and lots of black with a few items and groceries to give the slight feeling of Italian rustic culture: affettatrice (slicer used for cutting cured meats) salami, cheese, canned tomatoes and much more.
Drinks IMG_5134 IMG_5135Couple Vs 1 Metre Pizza … I was ready for it – actually upon booking the guy told me that there be a lot to eat & he was not joking. 1 metre of pizza-goodness … It literally felt like the never-ending-pizza-story. We were allowed to select 3 toppings:
* Quattro Formaggimozzarella, gorgonzola, crescenza ricotta, basil & shaved parmesan.
* San Danieletomato, mozzarella, rocket, San Daniele proscuitto & shaved parmesan.
* Capricciosa tomato, mozzarella, double smoked leg ham, mushrooms, artichokes & olives.IMG_5137So the race was on … 1 couple Vs 1 very large pizza … Was it possible?! Do we admit defeat before we even start?! I had a “light” vegeterian lunch so by the time this arrived, I was ready for some serious eating. The aroma was tastily divine and haunting my hunger – I could not wait to have the first slice and of course I had to try the Quattro Formaggi. I cannot lie – I love cheese. What’s one step better than cheese?! … uhhh a combination of various melted cheeses. Needless to say, this did not disappoint my hunger. Next I tried a slice of the San Daniele as I always seem to have a hankering for proscuitto these days. In all honesty I never really fancied proscuitto (apart from when I had some in Rome 2013) because it always tasteless, dry & bleh. Clearly I had no idea where or what was good proscuitto in Sydney until my Italian boyfriend opened that world to me. All of a sudden I have become this woman who knows that good proscuitto practically melts in your mouth when it’s sliced perfectly, alongside with the knowledge of the top quality brands. This pizza was fresh in taste but there seemed to be slices of pear or capsicum on top (to this day still unsure of what it was) – although this is not very typical of an Italian pizza, it was an added value to the taste. The Capricciosa was my boyfriend’s favourite – according to him this pizza’s topping was very authentic and we both agreed that it was incredibly delish! Unfortunately we would have preferred the pizza base to be thinner like the style from Naples, however – we clearly enjoyed the 1 metre of goodness as below is the “aftermath.”
We had leftovers in tow – we consumed the remainder over the weekend (and decided that we would not have pizza for at least another month) … So head on down and see if you can take on a 1 metre pizza!
28 Albion Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010
Jen ❤

2 Comments on “Challenged by a 1 Metre Pizza @ Bar Surry Hills & Italian Kitchen”

  1. WOW! You guys did a wonderful job of eating so much Pizza. Gee I love Pizza but I don’t think I could eat that much. Next time I am in Sydney I will have to visit Bar Surry Hills & Italian Village.


    • Thanks your comment and reading my post! 🙂 Trick is to not eat anything throughout the day and wear roomy clothing hehe … More Italian-food posts on the way! … And can’t wait to hear how you go with a 1 metre pizza!


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