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Hey Folks!

Another food adventure, another post! … Recently headed down the NSW South Coast and I could not resist having my necessary dose from the Sourdough Cafe. It’s one of my favourite places – very cute, very sweet, very rustic & very delightful. Sourdough Cafe is located in the town of Berry around the NSW South Coast – this cafe is known for their homely feel, friendly staff and dishes created by love & local produce.

The decor is very country, farm-house-like, natural, organic looking & shabby chic – love the simplicity.

Sourdough Cafe bakes their own bread daily, rolls their own pastry, selects their own fresh local produce – and you can taste this quality in their dishes. On top of this, their menu is seasonal according to the produce available during the particular time of the year.

After waking up on a lazy sunday, we did the 20 minute drive to Berry. I love BERRY ❤ One of my favourite places and must admit that it has become very touristy especially on the weekends. Nevertheless, the town is quaint, quiet and sweet with the cutest shops, prettiest boutiques, delightful chocolate shops, unique restaurants/eats, chilled homely pubs and the famous Donut Van!!!

FullSizeRender (5)

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It was BREAKFAST TIME!!! Super excited and we could smell the breakfast delights from the kitchen. Seated outdoors we enjoyed the relaxed setting – with a fresh juice and coffee in hand, we could not wait to enjoy a seriously incredible brekkie.
I ordered: Scrambled eggs with grilled cheese kransky (see below) with a smoked tomato salad & hot sauce. So – YUM!!! The scrambled eggs were so creamy, fluffy & of generous portion! Cheese Kransky (sausage variation with cheese) was cooked perfectly and well enough just to have the cheese slightly melt & ooze – I had pockets of cheese chunks in my mouth with every bite. The salad had a nice, fresh & crunchy texture with bursts of smokiness from the tomatoes. Hands down the best smoked tomatoes I’ve ever had. Hot sauce was indeed hot but I tried breaking off a piece of bread (which I may add was very fresh & had been toasted perfectly) – anyways, I tore off a piece of bread and topped it with eggs, sausage, smokey tomato & hot sauce … HELLO!!! What a combination. It was just a continuous mouthful of morning delight.

FullSizeRender (2)

My boyfriend ordered House baked beans with chorizo, poached eggs & sourdough baguette. I managed to have a sneaky taste of this and it was nothing like an average can of baked beans! I have never had enjoyed baked beans because I’ve never tried them homemade. He found the baked beans sauce to be smooth with almost a creamy-like consistency – it didn’t taste generic or processed and also in every bite he tasted – fresh … One very tasty and rustic dish – adding the chorizo gave this the extra spice and hearty meatiness. Like myself, he was obsessed with tastiness of the bread alone and he cracked the poached eggs onto the slices of baguette … the yolks were very spreadable & buttery.FullSizeRender (3)AND now … something sweet – dessert focused! They are known for baking bread and very tantilising treats. Pastry tarts, friands, muffins, teacakes of all sorts … My favourite is the pear & chocolate tart – the pastry has a nice buttery crust, the pear was poached/cooked in a way that it melts into your mouth … And lastly the chocolate creates a well rounded richness – without giving me a toothache. I love this tart so much that I got another one to go!

My boyfriend ordered the Apple Tart but what made this even funnier was I selected his dessert haha … Once again a very tasty apple-type dessert … We found it to have the same tasty pastry with the apples cooked & sliced with delicacy and a light glaze – but not over the top. My boyfriend thought it reminded him of an apple strudel.FullSizeRender (7)FullSizeRender (8)IMG_5604

FullSizeRender (4)

If you are ever around Berry, mosey on down to have a homely feed. They do breakfast, lunch AND takeaway – cakes, tarts, bread, coffee, pizza slices … Also like to add – since it’s still FIG season, they made an amazing fig & custard danish!

Berry Sourdough Cafe
23 Prince Alfred Street, Berry

Jen ❤

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