Delightfully Dedes

Ladies and Gents … Welcome back to all my “Fellow Foodies” near and far! Excited to share another food-fun-filled-flaired-fun-post. One of my favourite places to share a beautiful meal is by the water … It’s scenic, relaxing, serene, memorable and of course romantic. Just to set the scene, 14th February is widely known as Valentine’s Day ❤ but for the longest time I have never celebrated on the day for the main reason that it’s my dad’s birthday … I must admit that this has its pros as 1) I love my family 2) I love the idea of not sharing the same “romantic” day with the rest of the world – and celebrate the day after … My lovely sister gave me a gift voucher for my birthday to enjoy a lovely meal at Dedes with bay views.
Dedes is located inside the Sydney Rowing Club.

It was the longest lunch (in a good way) with a filling feast! … Window-table in view, we opened up an Italian bottle of vino.

Entree: Greek salad with eschallot & white anchovies. Very fresh – you just can’t go past a great Greek salad with juicy tomatoes, tasty olives & refreshing cucumbers! Not usually a fan of anchovies but these white ones alongside with the creamy fetta added a delightful saltiness that was well balanced.

Main: Cold & Hot Seafood Platter for 2. This is their signature dish, is as EPIC as it could get and Australian seafood at it’s best. The cold platter had fresh oysters, prawns, marinated octopus with fetta cheese, avocado salad, smoked salmon and seafood sauce. Sorry for all those who are allergic to seafood because this was truly magical! You could tell that everything on this platter was freshly caught that morning – not to mention the size of the prawns & oysters were pretty generous in size.Hot Platter was just as plentiful in size … The platter served – baked barramundi, bbq prawns, calamari, scampi, salt & pepper crayfish tail, beer battered prawns, hand cut chips plus a salad mix (with side sauces). Incredible platter with lots of tastiness – once again the seafood was very fresh but because it was a hot platter, felt like there was so much pressure to each so fast! Everything was cooked so carefully & perfectly without being overcooked or oily – seafood was treated with respect!DESSERT TIME! … We HAD to buy the tasting platter for 2 … A mini platter showcasing their memorable delights! For those who know me well or have read previous posts – I love desserts and if there is a dessert platter on the menu, I will spot it and order it STAT … You can see from all the photos that the presentation was exquisite. Here is the selection …
* Rum baba with blueberry semifreddo, brandy snap (mine & my boyfriend’s favourite)
* Almond milk panna cotta with spiced melon salad, vanilla fairy floss (this had a very Asian inspired taste)
* Chocolate ganache with salted caramel tart, passionfruit ripple ice cream (refreshing & sweet combo)
* Lemon creme brulee with raspberry friand (cake & brulee – yes please!)When in the area or if you feel like heading down the waterside for a lovely dining, unique & special experience, check out Dedes …Til next foodie post … Sending you all lots of food love!

Dedes Restaurant
Sydney Rowing Club
613 Great North Road
Abbotsford NSW 2046
Tel: 02 9712 5503

Jen ❤

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