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Hello Again and TY for stopping by “I am Very Busy” …

FOOD TIME and of course this is no surprise to you! … But I almost must say that I am due for another fashion/shoe/latest purchase post … Promise – that will come very soon! I have no shortage of shoes or shopping!

Recently I have been trying to do lots of “mini catch ups” with girlfriends and struggle to find a place with a cool vibe (but not pretentious), fun atmosphere with enjoyable eats! One of my favourite places is The Rook. After hearing several good reviews, a girlfriend dragged me up to this randomly rooftop haven. With the outdoor/garden style decor & upside down umbrellas, partially transparent ceiling, you are unsure if you are indoors or out! Very different …Located on Level R (Lvl 7) 56-58 York Street you would barely know that this place existed until the elevator doors open up to a dimly “mood lighting” joint, split into a bar & restaurant area. The place is buzzing with a mix from “after work city crowd” to a haggle of tourists – it’s a nice mix of people which makes the place feel much more relaxed. The bar area has a rustic vibe with an extensive range of drinks – wine, beers, spirits, cocktails & more! You can be either chillin’ by the bar area whilst waiting for a table OR you can reserve one easily online or on the phone.

I have tried quite a few of their wines & cocktails … But I cannot lie … I am really there for the food haha … The Rook specialise in either Lobster or Burgers (with fries etc) PLUS a few small eats … AND their signature Deep Fried Mars Bar Dessert – yes, you did read that right!!

Usually I start off with ordering the same (favoured cocktail): Down the Rabbit Hole – Beefeater Gin, blood 19 orange liqueur, white cacao, lemon, cardamom … AND for entree I love love love the Lobster & Chorizo Croquettes with smoked paprika aioli – in fact I just love croquettes in general. Biting into these babies is like eating puffs of fluffy clouds with tasteful hints of lobster & little pieces of chorizo – encased with a crunchy crumbed coating. They also serve any other drop that takes your fancy from vino (wine), negroni, cocktails, fresh juices, mocktails & more!In terms of food – what they serve falls into 2 categories: Burgers or Lobster … Which one takes YOUR fancy?! One over the other or both? So I have been several times now to say that I have tried quite a few of their burgers and the famous LOBSTER & Bacon ROLL!!!
Under the “Something Different” section – Lobster & Bacon Roll … This dish not for the faint hearted – it packs a lobster punch, literally bursting out of the crusty bread roll. Epically massive, it’s really enough to feed 2 and with sadness I managed to get through about two thirds (due to the rookie error of ordering truffle fries and onion rings … unsure what I was thinking). It’s filled with explosive layers of flavours … Starting from the top: a layer of a creamy potato salad-type filling: potato, corn, bacon, corn, fresh dill, capsicum plus the addition of  jalapenos to add a kick. As you start to bite your way through this is jam-packed-event you finally reach the soft chunks of lobster to complete the experience. Bag me a burger!!! … The options for the burgers are plentiful including a vegetarian option with a falafel pattie (I will try this one soon) … All burgers come with tasty truffle fries – the truffle taste is very subtle but the thickly cut fries are delicious either way with a nice crunch. Also would like the note that the burger bun is very soft & easy to eat … Nothing worse than chewing through a dense burger bun for ages!!! … So far I have tried:
1) Crispy or grilled chicken, tomato, lettuce, herb mayo (photo 1) – Simple, classic crispy coated chicken with a creamy herb mayo.
2) Bandito, chilli bean wagyu, guacamole, chipotle. Served with spicy wedges (photo 2) – This was my fav burger!!! I wasn’t sure how a ‘chilli bean wagyu’ would be like but it was scrumptious! The patty was juicy and tasty from the chilli beans folded through – it had enough ‘heat’ to give a nice bite to it – and the guacamole was a nice fresh addition, rounding off this Mexican inspired burger.
3) Uncle Sam, wagyu, cheese, tomato jam, mustard aioli, pickle (no photo available) – Classic cheeseburger style, enough said.No dinner meal is complete without dessert (of course)!!! … With dessert options to select from, the Deep Fried Mars Bar with vanilla bean ice-cream was hands down the chosen one. Deconstructed on the plate, there are various interesting facets with this dessert to nibble at … From the gooey deep fried mars bars, salted caramel, fluffy marshmallowy meringue, crushed tasty buttery crumbs, nuts, glazed cherries & chocolate sauce …Wishing everyone a Happy Friday & do check out The Rook!!! … Hope you all have a lovely (food-fun-filled) weekend and stayed tuned for a shoe post soon! Much love and smiles …

The Rook
7, 56-58 York St
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 9262 2505

Jen ❤

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