Gems of local Italy … Part 1

Ciao All!

Welcome back to “I am Very Busy” … Blogging all the way from Italia! Yes I am on a totally different continent and experiencing life in a different way! … Located in the area of Ferrara (northeast of Italy, just south of the Po River) – it’s rich in architecture & history, just as beautiful as Florence, plus contains an abundance of food localities & specialties. So far, only a couple of days into my trip but so far it’s been all about food, friends & family.

The Italian way of life is about enjoying a home cooked meal made by love & good quality Italian ingredients. So far I have discovered that Zia knows best. Zia Tina is my boyfriend’s Great Aunt who cooks with great passion & the knowledge that others will enjoy her food … Italian food is simple – there is no fancy hidden spices or strange condiments added – just the basic flavours simmered together to create a great an authentic dish. Upon my arrival, my sorry jet-lagged self tasted what was quite possibly the world’s most amazing lasagne … I have never enjoyed a lasagne so much – perfect bechamel sauce thickness, the richness of bolognese, the smooth pasta sheets slithered in-between and the slightly crusty oven baked top cheesey layer – heaven … #nofilter  
The traditional boiled salami also known as Salama da Sugo is a must (also made by Zia) – this is a handmade salami boiled for many hours filled with pork (neck, leg & shoulders – cut used for prosciutto & liver), strong red wine, salt , nutmeg & pepper. Aged for about 12 or 24 months with the tradition that it should be ready for Christmas time. The taste is unique, rich & “forte” (very strong and intense) so it’s usually matched well by mash potatoes or rockmelon. I tried this and I found that I preferred it on its own! Simple is best … “Brodo” (soup broth) is flavoursome & a perfectly warm dish that I was suggested to with the traditional Pane Ferrarese (bread) broken into pieces. This type of sourdough bread has a twisted horn shape with the recipe dating back from the middle ages. The story of the shape comes from the old saying “Avere Le Corna” – translates as literally “to have horns” but figuratively means your wife is cheating on you. So the baker back in the middle ages decided to created this shape as there were rumours that the duke’s wife was cheating on him. This bread is very different in taste & consistency as it has more of a crispy texture (rather than a soft dough).Wandering through the aisles of Ipercoop, alcohol selection is never a issue! As my boyfriend would say: “Why would Italians outsource wine when that produce great quality here!” Limoncello, Proscecco, Vino Bianco, Rosso, Campari, Aperol, Birre … If the Chocoholic in me doesn’t go crazy, Kinder and Ferraro makes me want to dive into this heavenly existence! The range is insane & plentiful with every possible combination: White, Chocolate & Dark. With biscuit, hazelnut cream, cereal bites & much more in variety … And if you don’t know what any of this means – you are living a very sad existence haha! Til the next Italian food & other finds (& believe me – there will be plenty) … Ci vediamo a presto!

Jen ❤

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