Aperitivo Addiction (Italian Gem – Part 2)

Ciao All!

Here I am again – FOOD Focused … Desperately missing Italy & all of it’s delights! Sorry I’ve been M.I.B.A (missing in blogging action), but my holiday to Italy became non-stop in it’s incredible intensity! … BUT this now means that I have a backlog of material – which is fortunate for my readers & also for myself!

Aperitivo is an afternoon beverage (usually alcoholic) served with some snacks – typically potato chips, nuts, fruit, savoury pastries & the like. Although this is more of a typical/popular tradition in the northern parts of Italy, you can find it throughout Italy … My chosen poison (aka. drink) is an Aperol Spritz which is a very common aperitif drink; easy to create with Aperol liqueur, prosecco and sometimes soda water with some ice (slice of orange or lemon) – then mix! Aperol Spritz is very refreshing with a hint of citrus (orange) & bitterness but with a sweet end. Another famous spritz mixer uses Campari (darker in reddish colour) which is of similar nature but with more bitterness … My very first taste of this heavenly elixir was my first date with my Italian boyfriend – he introduced me to this world & since then, I have never looked back!

Aperitivo is a usually the afternoon drink you have with a few snacks or in some places there is a buffet of food to enjoy with your drinks. This is the way Italians do it – they drink & EAT. Yes I can hear some of you saying “Eating is cheating” but the mentality of Italians are not to get horrendously intoxicated, but to enjoy a quality drink, some food & good company to open up the stomach for the real meal: Cena (dinner). In Sydney, Australia – an Aperol Spritz is about $12-$14 … In comparison to Italy where it could be as little as €2.50 (Euros) … So I would say, “bring it on!” … We had it everywhere – Ferrara, Venice, Rome & Sicily …

One particular place in Ferrara called “Bar Leon D’oro” – known to be one of the most popular bar & patisserie in Ferrara City. Although we purchased a few little sweet treats (more on this another time) … Every time we get food for Aperitivo, I am continuously confused haha – especially when this spread arrived with mini pizzas, puff pastries of anchovies, nuts, mini pickled veges, nuts & chips! It was a very delightful savoury mix to graze on!Since spending my 34th Birthday in Venice, I discovered the joy of also enjoying a Aperol mixer drink in a bottle (from local grocery stores) whilst strolling down the little lanes of the city … The bottle is not only super cute (yes I sound like such a girl) but also a nice cool beverage to sip on the go! It was a perfect companion on a hot Venetian Day!I honestly can’t count the number of times I had an Aperol Spritz/Aperitivo or where I had them and definitely didn’t take a photo every single time … But I can confirm that it’s an addiction & a regular routine that I miss about Italian Life! Stay tuned for more Italian Gems and coming up soon – a possible delayed shoe post!!

Jen ❤

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