Gelato Breakfasting @ Messina

Ciao to everyone near & far!

Hope everyone has had a fantabulous few weeks since my last post! Now YES I promised a shoe post and YES my fashion posts have been a ghost of late, but the truth is I can’t get over Italy & the reality of my trip being over. Every night I wake up dreaming of Italy … It’s somehow stamped a thousand prints on my head & heart … So much so that the weekend upon my return I ended up at a Messina Gelato Appreciation Class.

It’s 7.30am and the flutter of panic filled my head as I had slept in … Scrambling in the dark (& possibly making far too much noise) I managed to get myself somewhat together, in a taxi and on route to Gelato Messina.
Awaiting at the shop it’s a 9am start and the sleepiness of the class subsides as the complimentary coffee & tea kick in alongside with the excitement! Although the shop is empty in gelato, we know we are about to experience something truly special … Gelato Messina is simple – inspired by their Italian roots with splashes & flourishes of creativity! Italian Gelato with a quirk – but still with it’s deliciousness.

As the little mini-van drove us to Messina HQ, my fairly empty stomach was ready for what was going to be a truly decadent breakfast in this city of Sydney!

Sitting down in a modern, open plan glass room – you can see all the makings of the gelato process & machinery in the factory. Each table had a menu for the morning (the degustation menu does change often) … plus a Messina Gelato Cookbook (create your own gelato) … a glass of refillable water (so parched from all the sweetness hehe) and cute colourful plastic spoons for the tastings.

A dynamic duo of kitchen gurus: Alex & Nelson introduce us to a team of talented chefs and so the session begins …

Alex walks us through the process of making gelato gelato & sorbet and the difference between gelato & ice-cream (fun fact answer is that ice-cream contains more AIR, gelato is based on milk & apparently gelato should be served at a more warmer temperature which is more enjoyable & enhances the flavour with it’s slow melting action – not chillin’ your teeth).  Meanwhile, we will commence the Gelato Degustation …
Presenting … Breakfast at Audrey’s: Pancake gelato, maple mousse, tuile, blueberry jelly, orange segments and edible flowers. This was breakfast and a good introduction to the world of decadent & delicate gelato dishes for your tastebuds! It had the light fluffy sweet breakfast dish that you would usually order – a pancake dish drizzled with maple syrup & fruit – all constructed & centred around gelato components! Very clever & finishes well on the palate with the fresh orange pieces … This is visually a very pretty dish & a pleasing delight to enjoy! Watermelondria: watermelon sorbet, tomato concassé, almond cake, white chocolate, szechuan mousse & thyme crystal … Now honestly when I read this on the menu I was slightly scared – wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy it! Who would have known that sweet & salty can match so well! This dish was very creative, inventive & daring! The watermelon sorbet was refreshing, tomato concassé added some saltiness, almond cake was the neutral base that balanced out my palate, white chocolate & szechuan mousse was delicate & thyme crystal added a unique texture crunch to the dish. I enjoyed this but if I spotted it on the menu – I don’t think I would ever dare to try such combination!Bitter Tart: coconut gelato, chocolate biscuit crushed, lemon chantilly cream, framboise pépins (rapsberry seeds) … This dish was my absolute favourite – give me this on repeat! Simple, sweet & with some tartness. For a starter, coconut gelato – get this right and I’ll have it everyday. Gelato perfectly shaped & the spoon slices it so cleanly! Placing it on my mouth, it delicate dances and melts with hues of coconut. Lemon chantilly cream was light & airy … Spooning a little bit of everything is exactly like a lemon, coconut tart with tickles of raspberry. Tim Tam Treat: 1 Tim Tam dipped in chocolate gelato frozen … Served with a saucer hot tea with a chocolate type domed mousse that will melt – bite both ends of the biscuit and drink it up through the biscuit … and the eat the melted Tim Tam of course!
DYI creation … Using a waffle “plate” with vanilla gelato you can create your own masterpiece using various toppings such as nuts, meringue, popcorn & drizzles of mango sauce … LAST grand finale … The FAMOUS Mushroom Gelato Cake – Dr Evil‘s Magic Mushroom – very Super Mario Brothers, this is not for the faint hearted. If you are gonna do it, go all out & put your cholesterol into it! Chef Nelson does this with such simplicity & ease (but he is a chef after all) … Starting off with folding peanut cookies & caramel into a dark chocolate gelato and sets it into a dome-shape mould lined with chocolate sponge cake with vanilla cream  … The mushroom “stalk” is filled with more dulce de leche (caramel) & dark choccie gelato … Once the mushroom mould is “set” pour the red ganache & pop on some white chocolate buttons with the one signature “Messina” button. Once the mushroom is assembled, it sits on a stand surrounded by green grass (popping candy, crushed biscuit, white chocolate and almond praline) …
HELLO!? … What an incredible creation and just filled with so many flavours all fusing together!Wrapping up the morning we return back to Darlinghurst Messina to have a “all you can eat sample” of everything – that’s if there was still room in one’s belly! … Grand Finale is you get to select a tub of your own to take home (up to 3 flavours) … My selection: Mandarin (in gelato form – so fresh), Mango (delightful) and Coco Republic – a special gelato concoction of coconut gelato with passionfruit curd & chunks of pineapple cake.

So … What a MORNING! It’s hard to believe how much gelato eating one can do! It was gluttonous, it was indulgent, it was heaven … Worth it … Gelato Lovers! Do yourself a favour and book yourself into such a class … Winter or not, Gelato is the way to my heart!

Click here is read more on Gelato Messina’s Classes:

Til next time … Much food love!
Jen ❤

7 Comments on “Gelato Breakfasting @ Messina”

  1. Wow what a morning you had. Yum yummy! I love Gelato. I remember when I was in Italy, i had one sometimes two a day. Lived it. And yes I also dream of Italy. I often take myself back to the alleys of Venice reluving each sight, each sound? Each smell.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Gelato is the way to live … And Venice is almost like a magical dream! I love getting lost around there … Thanks for reading and your comment x


    • I know!! I was so full by the time I got to eat this (but I managed to have some anyways haha) … Thanks for your comment and reading 🙂


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