Come & see Capriccio Osteria …

Food Glorious Food … The 5 kgs that has crept on from Italy and prior to will not vamoose! So I am on a partial food plan with Lite n Easy … I know, I know – if I go on a “diet” it means that:
1) There will be no food blog posts and I will have to up my shopping game.
2) I will be very hungry.

So safe to say that I don’t want either of these options … So I am attempting to maintain a “balance” and weekends will predominately be the indulgent days!

Once again it would be to no surprise that I love Italian food – so when I heard that there was a unique and authentic Italian Osteria in the Inner West, I was curious to try: Capriccio Osteria … In the tradition, an Osteria is typically a place where you have a wine & a quick meal … But now they have adapted more of a rustic Trattoria-style restaurant: serving delicious local food.

Capriccio Osteria gives a “whimsical & playful feel” to this delightfully new edition to Norton St, specialising in Italian wines & liquor but most importantly they have invested in their own woodfire oven to bake their own Foccacia and Panini Bread. The decor is very contemporary and modern with a touch a rustic in such iron detailing, all wrapped up with the homely hand painted ceramic plates & wine jugs.The wine and liquor range is very Italian and extensive – from Aperol, Limoncello, Campari, Frangellico to their incredible sought out range of wines – notable mention is the house red “rosso” and white “bianco” wines from Sardegna “Cantine della Vernaccia.” Usually Red or White House wines are average in taste, tone & scent. But this wine is a local one produced – although it was a little more expensive for a house wine, the quality was most definitely worth it. The wine is so beautiful, pleasant and enjoyable to drink. As I was sipping on this liquid gold I awaited for the usual bitterness aftertaste (that makes me cringe & scrunch up my face) but it really was just so pleasant and the way wine should really be … PLUS easy to drink!Starting off the local lunchin’ with: Cotechino Sliders – Cotechino is a salami (various cuts of pork), pickle, truffle mayo on a lentil bun. This was very rich in taste but still retaining the traditional flavours. The salami seemed to be slightly grilled or maybe pan fried for a crisp texture on the outside whilst seeping of juiciness … The truffle Mayo was very light & subtle … And the lentil bun was very unique with a modern yet traditional Italian take of a slider. It’s said that lentil & Cotechino is a the ideal marriage in Italian flavours.From here we progressed to the mains, phase 1 …
• Woodfire Focaccia with Porchetta (small pig roasted) … In the words of my boyfriend “Holy Crap!” … In fact there was nothing crap about this dish! The pork was cooked with the perfect amount of seasoning, juiciness, tenderness and fat … Hello Cholesterol City! A noteworthy mention is the fact that the focaccia is freshly baked (YES) and it’s so hot, crispy & mouthwatering with it’s herbed aroma and flavouring. 
• Panini “Special” Dish of the day – Bresaola, Rocket, Pecorino Cheese … Bresaola is a cured meat (salted & air-dried beef aged for a few months to give it a deep purple/dark red hue) with a hint of delicacy & tough yet tender texture. Depending on whether additional herbs have been added – it can intensify the taste. Bresaola is considered to be one of the most expensive cured meats in Italy as it’s beef & not produced in huge masses like proscuitto. It has such a individual taste that piling in too many additions would just cloud it. Rocket & the cheese gives the simplicity to create a wave of wonderful. Envelope it all inside a freshly baked panini … • Calamari with lemon oil & squid ink crisp … This was a very inventive & interesting dish. So simple with few ingredients – the lemon oil reflects a freshness to the dish alongside with how the squid was cooked with care – it’s not chewy or rubbery but soft. The squid ink crisp was the perfect match with the slight saltiness and there were a few little black smooth caviar-jelly like eggs to finish it off.• Dessert: Limoncello Tiramisu … Shut the door! … Limoncello – it became an increasing addiction whilst in Italy … It’s sweet yet bitter syrupy liquor is a perfect final accompaniment to finish off a meal. Now I am allergic to coffee (this is incredibly upsetting for the half-Italian in me) so tiramisu in a slightly adapted form? Si per favore! Usually tiramisu is served in a glass, bowl or deep dish with the layering technique of cream, coffee, biscuits, repeat … But the method of laying this carefully on the plate is a modern take – still with the layering effect. Chocolate sauce folded with berries, limoncello cream, soaked biscuits and repeat – finishing off with a cocoa dusting … It’s just genius! What a experimental way of blending well-matched sweetness … This dessertly treat is light, airy, elegant and delectable … So much so that I ordered two!! (note: please don’t judge me!)Do I recommend this place for all you Inner Westies & beyond? YES

Will I return again? Most Definitely!

Grazie mille Capriccio for your wonderful hospitality and wonderful food – the genuine Italian flavours take me back …xo

Capriccio Osteria Bar
159 Norton Street
Leichhardt NSW 2040
Ph: 02 9572 7607

Til the next adventure … Next stop: SOPHIA WEBSTERS Sandals, how KOH can keep you warm … PLUS – a Lemon Limoncello, Almond Ricotta Cake Recipe you can’t resist!

Jen ❤

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