I Heart Hartsyard’s Heartiness!

Hi All … Apologies for being M.I.A … I have been VERY BUSY between my job change to my little sisters wedding! I have blog posts backed up like you wouldn’t believe! (now this is incredibly lucky for you all)

Sydney Foodies near and afar … I Heart Hartsyard’s Hearty Food! How I see it is that sometimes you need some hearty food to heal the soul and fill the hunger.

Hartsyard is a cozy, mood-lighting joint created by a husband/wife New York duo … They have brought comfort cooking to a new level – with their seasonal fresh produce & inspirational flair. It’s American Diner meets Soul Food Classiness … Located in the heart of Newtown (Sydney) there is nothing better than a cozy & cool night out!It was on a Wintery Saturday Night (this is a post WordPress Post – remember I have lots to update you on!) – freezing cold according to Sydney standards … Dressed with about 3 jacket layers I was ready for my Saturday date night.

Seated we were ready to order – the philosophy of Hartsyard is that food should be shared among good company. Items on the menu may look “few” but this is due to the high quality – you can see that each dish has been carefully chosen with care, on purpose and with meaning. No part of any animal or vegetable is wasted in the cooking process from curly pig tails to celery leaves. In addition to this, there are some unique specials on board.

Perusing the menu, we selected to sip on an Italian Red Wine – Nero D’Avola … A traditional Sicilian wine, it’s known properties include having some body (without being too heavy) and a hint of sweetness to create a complete wine with versatility!“Seed” is equal to an entree … We decided to try the special of the night: Grilled Veal tongue, roasted celeriac, parsley purée, celeriac remoulade, horseradish & crisp potato.
One would think that such a dish would be so complex & overcomplicated due to the various elements – but there is such a unison of flavours … You have the juiciness & melt-in-your-mouth veal tongue on a parsley puree, to the freshness of the parsley purée & fresh topped herbs and loved the crispy crunch of the potato-type-chip.“Feed/Main” – First Round of the mains, we shared Papardelle with guanciale (pork neck), mushrooms, with marsala (sweet sicilian wine) sauce topped with poppyseeds. This was a delightful dish, very tasty and simple – the pasta was freshly made and light, marry this with the richness of the sauce infused by the various elements.“Feed/Main” – Second Main to share was the Poutine: fried potatoes (chips) braised beef shin, beer & cheese sauce. Now hello potatoes – they remind me of fat chips – now what’s one step better with that?! Adding melted cheese, beef falling apart & melting in your mouth like – spot the familiar theme?! Hehe … Topped with celery-type leaves for freshness – this oozes decadence … Marry the flavours of the potato crunch to the cheesy meat melting party … all rich of flavours dancing with your tastebuds.Dessert – come on readers, you know that I can’t go without it! So we had the “special” of the evening (hopefully all my dessert detailing haven’t been forgotten from the distant memory!) … Ginger spiced cake/pie with apples & a chai-latte-tasting ice-cream & cream surrounded by crunchy crumbs. This was truly HEARTY! To be clear, this must be shared and not for the faint hearted – Hartsyard’s desserts are a big feast just as much for the eyes! This dish was like if a pie, pudding-type-cake and chai latte all had a party! The apples apples added a light freshness to the rich dish.Word through the grapevine is that they have done a bit of a revamp with the decor so I better drop by again and check out the menu too!

Now readers, I’m excited to be back on board and I promise I will up the posts to keep you mouths watering and wallets empty from shoe or shopping purchases!

35 Enmore Road
Ph: 8068 1473

Jen ❤

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