Yum to the Cha at House of Crabs!

Raise your hand if you lurvvvve Yum Cha?! How about Yum Cha with a crabster seafood twist?

House of Crabs is very shack-like and brought me back to my days at Bubba Gump in the states … The boatlike feel of the place is an explosion of energy adorned with indoor umbrellas, coloured light-bulbs, upside down boat & skis plus much more mayhem (in a crazy good kinda way) … There would never be a dull moment when it comes to decor, food or vibe in that place!House of Crabs is located in the Sydney suburb of Surry Hills – on top of the Norfolk Hotel, Cleveland Street. To state the obvious, they specialise in Crabs and seafood in general … In this case, I am going to talk about the monthly ritual of “Yum Cha” at the House of Crabs and their take on this tasty treat!

The regular menu can also be available but please listen to my Yum Cha plea! So without further ado, let me take you on my Yum Cha journey … Beverage-wise we went down the alcoholic route “Strawberry Pimms Fishbowl” (Pimms, Gin, Strawberries, Strawberry Liquor and Mint) – it’s massive and full of deliciousness … To share of course so grab a straw and drink away!Selecting from the Yum Cha card was tricky – every inch of my being wanted to select pretty much everything! We started off with the Duck Spring Rolls with smoked plum sauce. This was a perfectly superb way to start a Yum Cha feast – the tender duck is tastily mixed with subtle-yet-present veggies (also adding a rainbow of colours), cooked and encased in golden fried spring roll wrapper … The smokiness plum sauce paired well leaving me wanting more! Everyone knows that smoke and duck just dance together with a spring in the spring roll step!Next on the list is the MUCH HYPED Lobster Donut – now yes it’s small but hear me out … The cliched saying is “Good things come in small packages” … Small or not, this is a little pocket rocket of a dish that explodes tastebuds! It’s oily (just the right amount), it’s decadent – the donut is hot, freshly fried with a slight crunch of the donut coating – whilst leaving the inside soft and donut doughy … The lobster itself is cooked as salt n pepper batter and dolloped with XO Mayo – it’s an inventive Asian Fusion Dream! … Note that this is also available on the regular menu but keep an eye out on the Facebook page.Still keeping in the salt n pepper theme the next dish that graced our presence was Popcorn Salt n Pepper Squid with lime. Now I have to admit that at times, squid has been too rubbery and chewy – almost unpleasant to eat – but this contradicts all of my fears and supersedes this on all levels. The dish is light (yet had a crunch), airy, with bursts of heat (if you get a chilli) & some tang once you dip in the refreshing lime juice. Bring on the next tasty treat: Spicy Korean Chicken Ribs and Daikon … Tasty – yes! Spicy – heck yeah! One of my pet peeves is that there is not enough sauce or marinade – be generous people! There is absolutely zero point in eating any sort of ribs if you don’t get down and dirty …  The sauce was sticky, with a speckle of sweet and a whole lot of hot chilli spice! Daikon is a white radish – it’s not for everyone but it was the balance of fresh element neutralising the heat!Last but not least, pork belly – let’s face it, when you go to Yum Cha it comprises of all seafood and/or all pork errrrthang! Sticky Red Braised Pork Belly … Adoned in it’s glory glossiness you can see that it’s going to be a melt-in-your-mouth-situation … The juicy and fattiness of pork belly cannot be denied in this dish. Crowd pleaser – that is all.I’m sure to my readers disappointment I didn’t have any crabs haha but I will return (I have tried them before) so this time as we had already ordered so much, we selected the MEATY QLD Prawns with the lemon pepper sauce. Any crustacean is boiled and served in a bag (drowned in your chosen sauce/marinade) then tipped on the paper cover table … No cutlery required. The sauce is so succulent with the prawns that you are slurping and sucking all the prawn shells dry!It is with regret that I was TOO FULL for dessert or anything sweet (I know – WHO AM I?!) … This doesn’t happen very often I swear! For me there were actually not enough dessert options to entice me but there may be a chance that the times have changed … I should def check it out – but that being said I want to make it clear that I was very full and very satisfied.

House of Crabs Monthly YUM CHA event takes place on the 1st Sunday of each month and bookings are encouraged … But the sad news is that it’s done for the year *CRIES*- the last 2015 Yum Cha sitting was a few weeks go but please don’t despair, follow them on Facebook to keep updated for 2016! I promise you will not be disappointed … But either way check them out and keep your eyes peeled on my return to this Sydney joint!Thanks for checking in readers and I promise you … More Italian, Spanish and Shoe delights coming you way … PLUS the latest on my baking escapades.

Jen ❤

House of Crabs
Level 1, 305 Cleveland Street
Surry Hills (Sydney)
Ph: (02) 9699 3177

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