Friggitoria is FANTASTICO!

Ciao All!

Back to my Italian roots again and back to being my food-focused self. I’m totally getting faaaaa-t and it’s OK – must go for a run tomorrow … Actually I’ve been incorporating A LOT of walking into my life – especially to & from work! If I am going to indulge in such delights, then I must have some sort of balance right?! …Anywho … Food – FRIGGITORIA is located in Kings Cross and it’s bringing Italian Street food to Sydney! My very first experience with Italian street food was arancini – it’s a stuffed rice ball filled with ragu bolognese & mozzarella cheese rolled in breadcrumbs and then deep fried – originated from Sicily (southern Italy). So bad yet so good for you. It’s a “sometimes” food even though I could easily have it every day (totally did that in Sicily) … Sorry I’m getting sidetracked – this post is a shorty but a goodie …Simone is 100% Italian and has so much passion when it comes to educating and spreading the Italian food love around Sydney. It reminds him of his days in Italy – especially after a night out drinking, a typical meal to have (oil = soaks up alcohol).

I love places like this – “hole in the wall” – such a small place brings so much happiness! The simplicity of the decor brings a modern, clean and rustic feel with the textured walls, simple stool seating, dark timber table tops to the the golden copper lighting fixtures adding a contemporary twist.

So I bet you all need a few convincing reasons to give the Italian street food culture a go:

1) It’s deliciously sinful dripped in indulgence. This food delights the tastebuds, opens your eyes & empties your wallet – all for a good cause of course.

2) It’s unique and an untapped area yet to explode in Sydney. Why be like everyone else and get a “kebab or burger?!”

3) It’s Italian – enough said. You can taste feeling, pride & strong passion in their food.

An array of foods are served – from lasagna … to eggplant parmagiana stack … to gnocchi … are just some of the dishes ready for the taking.
My boyfriend being Italian love love loves this food and it reminds him of back home. It’s comfort food, it’s easy and not too expensive – a first for a Sydney joint. So without further waffle, let me launch into what we sampled …

Panzerotti – like a mini calzone deep fried filled pastry-type-pie with melted cheese & tomato (or various other fillings). It’s crunchy on the outside and soft & doughy on the inside.Porchetta – I am not vegetarian and eating meat (especially pork) is etched into my heritage – both Italian & Filipino cultures live with pork. Now imagine roasted pork belly cooked, slowly roasted with herbs – juicy on the inside with the crunch of crackling on the outside. We had this served with the chips … Salad WOULD have been the better option but I really needed the energy to survive the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb that day! I love their chips as they are rustic, handcut uneven in size – keeping the crunch of potato skin and the soft fluffiness of the potato.
Cono Mix – this is a fried mix (bite size) perfect street food! A mix of deliciously bad (yet deliciously good) – mix of chips, mini arancini, croquettes, flattened crumbed chicken breast and vegetables. It’s easy to eat as a snack or addition to a selection of other dishes!Good food needs to be simple – sometimes there is no need to overcomplicate or change the rules. Stick to the tradition and you really can’t go wrong … With Italian food sometimes there may be a slight adaptation but the food flavour & combinations stay true to the culture.

I recommend checking this place out and follow them on Facebook … I am definitely planning to return as they tend to have new specials on the menu on a weekly basis and note that they also do delivery with Suppertime next foodie post … Another one is on the way and I totally need to catch up with all of this and release more, more and more!

6/12 Bayswater Rd
Sydney (Kings Cross)

Jen ❤


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