Mini Post: Fly my Fajita Sisters!

Back again – I would like to introduce you to my first “mini post” – gonna insert them in when I can. Generally they will be food or fashion focused and revolve around a mini meal I have had – maybe a light lunch or a quick bite on the go … Or a quick purchase I wanna share with the world! And just because it’s a shorty, doesn’t mean it won’t be a goodie.

Living in the Inner West area of Sydney around Glebe gives a lot of variety when it comes to food – whether it’s a stone away in the city or juat a few streets up.

I love Glebe and I love going back to a favourite place where I can find new exciting & eats. Flying Fajita Sisters has been a local Mexican joint in the Glebe hood serving tastily treats for over many years. I’ve only ever been here for dinner so it was a wonderous wave to ride when trying the lunch menu. It’s simple, easy and delicious. Although some dishes may be adapted to real Mexican cuisine, the heart and soul of the food matches with interesting flavour combinations. Quick lunch bite one afternoon included …

A duo of refreshing cooling cocktails:
* BASIL WATERMELON COOLER $15 – Absolut Citron, basil, peeled ginger, watermelon, fresh lime juice topped up with ginger ale.
* FLYING MOJITO $15 – House infused Matusalem Dark Rum, mint, lime, coconut, sugar. Yucca Fries ($7) – Corona Battered Yucca – which is casava root served with a wedge of lime and chipotle aioli. Casava root is a vegetable all in the same family of the potato, yam, taro etc which is starch-filled & perfect as fries – they taste soft with a bit of bite & a tad of fluffiness – love the slight crunch and then don’t forget to dip in the chipotle sauce – it’s a hint of heat.Trio of Tacos ($18) – is there nothing better than small bites of tacos?! Sampling a trio of fillings is a feast enough to please the eyes & tummy hunger … All tacos are served on soft corn tortillas with queso fresco which is a fresh Mexican cheese that’s creamy & soft in texture with a very delicate taste – traditionally made from fresh cow’s & goat’s milk. Small eats are so deceiving as they look as though it won’t be enough but I love the generosity of the portion – mission accomplished. 1) Beer Battered Zucchini Flower with Chipotle Sauce – I love love love zucchini flower! If it’s on the menu I will order it so fast … The zucchini flower has a beautiful golden crunch dancing with the heat from the chipotle sauce, cheese, beans & rounding it off with a squeeze of lime.2) Tomatillo Braised Beef, Black Beans and Chipotle Sauce – beef cooked until it falls apart and melts in your mouth – gotta love it. It’s tender, flavour-filled and matches well with black beans married with the fresh sprigs of coriander & a squeeze of lime.
3) Crispy Pork Belly, Black Beans, Salsa Almendrado – the pork was the standout and well-deserved an ovation in this taco. With it’s juiciness of the meat & the crackling had the right amount of crunch – the end.That day I craved DESSERT – that day no quick lunch was complete without dessert. Presenting the Chocolate Cake (multiple photos are necessary) – Chocolate Pistachio Brownie with Chocolate Ganache, Cinnamon Anglaise topped with fresh cream ($12). This is a very gorgeous & elegant dish wrapped as a phenomenal tasting dessert. The cake itself was a layered surprise as it was very much like a soft creamy brownie and then a a layer of smooth chocolate ganache – balancing so perfectly well that it’s not too dense or heavy. The cinnamon anglaise was the enveloping showstopper that tied the ribbon – it was so delicate … And the final finishing touch of sprinkled pistachio nuts.
Flying Fajita Sisters is a modern place adorned with splashes of Mexican history, tradition and culture. I love this place because it’s so fun and so energetic – from the buzzing crowd during the day or night … it’s the fragrant Mexican-inspired dishes … to the extensive hot sauce racks and extensive bar/drinks.
Til the next mini or post to the max … Please continue to join me on the ride of food and fashion … In the meantime: Sydneysiders in the Inner West area – get your Mexican fix.

Flying Fajita Sisters
65 Glebe Point Road

Jen ❤

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