Mini Post – Dolla Dawds at Soda Factory

Hi Y’all!!!

I’m am LAME … I let life get to me and literally “I am very busy” to even keep up on the bloggage. So almost-midyear-resolution is to put my blog back on the map & back on the road … Here I go … FYI – This blog post, long overdue & from last year – YES, lots of catching up to do! … And I really do miss blogging … PLUS I have so much to tell you not only about Sydney but also from my travels – Philippines, Japan & Italy.

Soda Factory is a fun-filled place in Surry Hills … Ballin’ on a budget?! Scrounging around for gold shrapnel for a feed?! I love cheap Tuesdays and with $1 hotdogs you can’t go wrong … Casual chilled bar with easy eats & drinkable drinks. Upon entering it’s a random-colourful-looking-retro-entrance “Bobby’s Boss Dogs” signage is tricking you to almost think that you have stepped into the wrong bar until you walk through the Coca Cola fridge.
Tuesday menu is a little different to other days – every day features different type of “special” such as a cheapo deal or possibly a complimentary freebie.

Although Dollar Dogs focuses on $1 hot dogs with any drink purchase (the vegetarian option is $2) … There is a variation of small extra sides to nibble on, plus the regular menu … But for a dollar, what’s to think about?! Order a selection of them!Selecting from a few from the menu, I started off with savoury options –

1) Buffalo Bill: battered chicken sausage, spicy buffalo sauce, cheese sprinkled with fresh herbs … This was spicy chicken at it’s goodness – reminded me soooo much of a fried chicken wing – and this is because of the batter! Nom Nom Nom … With a soft bread bun (not too bready) … And how’s about that spicy buffalo sauce?! It doesn’t hit you until a little later when you start feeling more heat! Then it comes full circle with melted cheese – the end.2) Bobby Boss Dog – beef & pork sausage with tomatoes, jack cheese & finely diced red onions, topped with mustard & a sprinkle of fresh herbs. This is the BOSS – simple & is a standard hot dog with extra bells & whistles – I love the freshness of the herbs & onions.3) The Johnny Drama – beef frankfurter wrapped in bacon with sour cream, avocado & tomato salsa with a tad of cheese … This is one of my favs I tell ya! I love frankfurter sausages – it reminds me of my childhood & the frankfurter taste is so recognisable. I love this – it’s basically a Mexican hot dog. Obviously I was still hungry & keen to try another side …
4) Chilli Cheese Fries: shoestring fries with homemade beef chilli & nacho cheese. I am a fan of fries – gimme some hearty fries with anything really … But melted cheese & beef chilli?! … Def hit the tastebuds – real comfort food.
img_8448DESSERTS spells STRESSED backwards … Why did I say that – well that’s my life, when I am stressed, I have dessert hahaha … Or it may be the case of me making up excuses just to eat dessert … I do have a sweet tooth though and this will never change … Everything with a “balance” so one small sweet is OK right?
5) The Elvis Presley – deep fried banana, peanut butter & strawberry jam delicately decorated with rainbow sprinkles … This is so pretty & delectable – the golden deep fried battered crunch of the banana relates well with the tart of the jam, stickiness of the melting peanut butter & tiny bursts of sprinkles.Going to Soda Factory is a good ol’ fav of mine & my-easy-go-to for a Tuesday … It’s a non-pretentious chilled place often with live music. And if you are after a cheapie type catch-up with friends, this is the place to go. Note that you can also now reserve online to save disappointment – this way you are not hovering around trying to eat all the Dolla Dawgs …
Til my next post – and yes I promise there will be one soon … So Sydneysiders – go munch on a dolla dawg & let me know your thoughts …

Soda Factory
16 Wentworth Avenue
Surry Hills NSW

Jen ❤

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