Hello Hem Nine Nine Vietnamese Fun

Hi All and welcome back to “I am Very Busy.”

There are very many countries where the cuisine is traditional & so amazing that there would be no need to sample other cuisines of the world … But this is Sydney – city of multiculturalism.

I’m always about supporting local small & family type run businesses and “Hem Nine Nine” in Glebe is just another new fav of mine that recently opened earlier in the year. Hem Nine Nine is a spin off restaurant that propelled from the food truck … The cute, quaint, fun & charming bar/restaurant is now a local fav of mine. Seated in a cute nook on Glebe Point Road there is a cozy courtyard area, mini upstairs stool seating & some surrounding the entrance for a street view & conveniently located next to the bar. Just recently I found out that they do home delivery as well (amaze) …img_0354img_0365I’ve been a few times now and rave on about Hem Nine Nine foodie treats but in the meantime let me take you down my memorable food lane …

You know when you go to a place and they have a dish that is a MUST order and what you are addicted to?! Well this is Hem Nine Nine’s Crispy Netted Spring Rolls. Either filled with vegetable or seafood (I’ve had both) – the dish arrives presented in a cute basket set, one filled with a generous amount of spring rolls and the other with mint & lettuce leaves. You take a spring roll & wrap the mint & lettuce around, dip it in the sauce and take a bite. The cool & freshness of the leaves envelope & embrace with the crunch of the spring roll coating and the warm tasty filling is a wonderful balance of flavours. I could & have eaten a whole serving …Need a Winter Warming dish?! Well Hem Nine Nine have a great selection of PHO – sorry there are no photos of this & it will be Part II soon. But I did have a tasty Duck  & Mushroom Wonton Ravoli – it was actually not what I expected being in the broth but very tasty and hearty. The ravioli were very generously sized & soft.I am no stranger to trying different and unique dishes. Tasty dishes are often happen when you least expect it. Grilled Ox Tongue in XO – twice cooked Ox tongue marinated in spicy XO sauce & a squeeze of lime. This “special” dish is not chewy at all but more “melt in your mouth” tender bite, more-ish dish – it’s just not enough! Next are the Steamed Baos – soft, steamed bun, pickled cucumber and baby radish with the options of pork belly, crispy skin chicken, spicy tofu. Look at this Bao … You can already see how the bun looks – so soft & just airy. With just a few fresh ingredients sliced to perfection and a juicy helping of pork belly it’s the delightful dance or fresh vs mouthwatering mix.
Last but not least – alas there is no dessert as I already over ordered but I had one of the most prettiest dishes I’ve seen! Pork Chop Slider – fried lemongrass pork chop, pickled cucumber, lettuce and baby radish, chilli mayonnaise. Served on a crispy shallot mantou bun. WOW as a visual it’s just so colourful and eye pleasing. The pork chop is juicy, tender & flavoursome and chilli mayo has the right amount of tantalising heat! … Now to talk about that mantou bun – usually they are steamed in Chinese tradition but in this case it’s been crisped & fried with a crunch – yet still soft on the inside.Anyways readers, all this take about food is making me immensely hungry for this tasty Viet treat! I will actually be heading there this Saturday night so I’m sure I will be taking note of more delectable dishes … Sydneysiders – pls trek down to the Inner West & try Hem Nine Nine in Glebe! img_0352READERS: please stay tuned – there will be a chocolate cake post coming up and my adventures when doing a Woodfire Pizza Making Class!

Jen  ❤

Hem Nine Nine
99 Glebe Point Road
Glebe NSW 2037

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