Pronto Post: Marketplace @ QVB

Hi All!

Pronto post (quick, necessary & impulsive) is in order on this horrid rainy week … Hope all you Sydneysiders are staying dry! … One of the things that I love about Sydney are the little random food events that pop-up!

Thank god for my regular Broadsheet emails & social media as a whole … I recently found out that there is a “Marketplace” pop up in QVB building to warm up Sydneysiders – in their heart & bellies. Located on Level 1 in the QVB there is an open space hosting for a short period til Sunday 7th August.
img_0998As you walk through, the space is light & airy … Filled with mini foliage trees, hanging waterfalls of flowers, musical tunes & filled with the scent of food … The feel of the decor is vintage meets garden party + a pretty rustic style. This really pairs so well with the elegance & style of the QVB building. As you walk in, the large space has a feeling of airiness … Divided into 2 areas there is an open shared seating area … corner window nooks …  high tables stools … to long rustic tables suitable for casual meal settings. I love the electric colouring of the chairs that match (but don’t match if this makes sense) – there is a flittering of dark oaks, browns, fresh white, boosts of greens, wide arches and expansive windows which flood with an abundance of natural light.Now I know you want to know about FOOD … Let’s cut to the cheese here … Salt Meats Cheese. They are passionate about providing gourmet & fresh Italian food products & bites! The CHEESE was the ingredient that deserved the standing ovation … 3 CHEESES – melted cheese … Is your mouth watering already?! … I had the wintery warmer: Cheese & Mushroom Toastie: provolone, cheddar, mozzarella & truffled mushrooms. Simple food with simple flavours – melted Italian cheese (check!) and truffled mushrooms (check!) The mushrooms had enough hint of truffle & were bathed in the glorious melted cheese party. Speaking to my boyfriend, the combination of mushroom & truffle are the usual flavours of Autumn in Italy (during a slight cooler temperature) … Just like the weather here – after all, it’s not really THAT cold in comparison to other parts of the world throughout Winter. At this stand they had a small assortment of truffle products like pasta, oil & chips!Vanto was another stand in the amazing space … With a eye pleasing ladder of hanging cured meats, salami & produce – I had to make sure I didn’t launch myself and grab them all. Vanto had a cute little hot-food stand with arancini, pizza slices, croquettes, Italian fried mix of seafood and foccacia/piadina-bread filled delights! I have taken note of this place (yet to try & dine in) and had managed to try a few little samplings … Right next to this stand was the “bar” and I was curious to try the mulled wine however unfortunately none was available at that time *sad face*SWEET TREATS – who doesn’t love them right?! … COOKIES – I am the cookie monster. Give me buttery shortbread-type cookies any day & everyday for the rest of my life. Spoon & Fork is a cute little shop in the Inner West (suburb of Croydon) specialising in custom made cookies & cake – loads of creative cuteness! The cookies here are PERFECT – the ratio of cookie to hardened icing create a bite that teases the tongue – not an overload of sweetness but the right amount that the doctor has order.The QVB Marketplace has been a uplifting surprise on a very blah weather average week … You will surely find something that will attract your foodie senses like coffee, nuts, chocolate, bread, butter & so much more! … The event continues until Sunday 7th August on the 1st level (pretty much next to Vanto). Open from 10am til 4pm … CHECK IT OUT if you can, it’s truly a treat!img_0989Enjoy your weekend Sydneysiders, thanks for joining me on my fast-pronto-post and keep your eyes peeled for a Harry Potter book review …

J ❤ xo

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