Book Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Part I and II

Hello Readers!

I thought a Monday post would be what is in order … One thing you may not know about me is that I love to read! Who doesn’t love a good book – a blogger who reads – who would have known?! I guess for me I must admit that I am really time poor … When do I find the time to blog, work fulltime, cook, clean, trawl on Instagram, fiddle with Snapchat, spend time with my fam/friends/significant other, shop, think about exercising (intention is better than no thought right?!) – all whilst continuing my love affair with Netflix.

Now … Harry Potter -2  familiar  & ground breaking words that makes me giddy with excitement! Just when we thought the story is over, it’s far from! 7 books later an 8th one is released based on the play collaborated with Jack Thorne (play writer), John Tiffany (director) & under the supervision of J.K Rowling.

Let’s set the scene – especially for the the Potter Fans out there … Harry is working at the Ministry of Magic & is married to Ginny Weasley whom he has 3 kids with: Lily, James & Albus Severus Potter (the black sheep) … Hermoine is married to Ron Weasley with a daughter called Rose (who is very much a mini-Hermoine) … Draco Malfoy was married (bless his late wife) and is essentially a single parent to Scorpius (rumoured child of “he who shall not be named – Voldemort”). Throughout the book there is an ongoing storyline of forbidden friendship between Scorpius & Albus – they are like “best bros” as it seems but the tables have somewhat turned with Scorpius being the more responsible wizard & Albus taking on a rebellious streak … The story takes you along both young wizards “the new generation” & their journey, perils & angst growing up & attending Hogwarts for a few years – this is fast tracked to where the juicy life events take place.Overall there is everything you want in a story – suspense and intrigue, smidge of romance, history, action and fun … If I was to be honest I can mention a few points …
The book is lacking the flourish & detailed flair that J.K Rowling had injected in all Harry Potter books – all due to the fact that it’s because this is a play script. If any fan knew this from the get go, then you should know what to expect or possibly not expect & just slightly adjust your expectations. For any die-hard Potter fans, the idea of a story “post” Voldemort’s final battle is very exciting and obviously Voldemort (predictably) must make a reappearance – surprise!!! … No book would also be without additional cameo appearances such as the late departed Professor Snape & Dumbledore plus many more. The addition of the “time turner” throws the story into a tailspin adjusting past events – very much like the Homer Simpson episode with his time turner “the trusty toaster” – all centralising around the preventing the death of Cedric Diggory (Triwizard Tournament) & how the “best bros” could reverse the past. The consequences are dire from seeing a world where Ron & Hermoine are not married to a world where Voldemort won the war. As for the Curse Child – everyone has their own opinions and at first thought I thought it was Albus but part of me feels as though it’s actually still Harry. That years later his scar haunting hurts once again … He revisits people from his past in dream form and that he is still damaged and lashes out wishing that Albus wasn’t his son (brutal). Harry is not going to win “father of the year.”

I read this in less than 1 day – as a play it’s such an easy read so as dialogue only with minimal description. This is targeting fans as with the lack of any descriptive detail, you are relying on the previous books & movies for visual reference – hence this is not suitable for a newbie. I actually enjoyed the time travelling references “flashbacks” (took me back in the previous books). There has been a lot of negative reception around this release but for myself, although it can lack the depth of “Potter” that I am use to, I already had an inkling of this AND a story extension fast tracked decades area was already a treat for me. It can’t have been an easy task to condense & convey these characters in such a short amount of time and limited wording. I am very aware of the flaws in this book but it’s best to take it on for what it is … Enjoy it for what it is – I’m not here to tell you it’s perfect or horrible … It’s a play script adapted into a book & if you feel like you have a shitty imagination, then you should probably stick in graphic novels.

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