Glebe Spanish Tapas tapped into my heart

Happy Wednesday everyone & hope my readers are well!

Now … I am channeling into my “foodie” mode and today I wanna mention a Tapas place in my local area of Glebe: Spanish Tapas. This place is rustic, chilled, casual & a local FAV in the area. For those suffering with Mondayitis, they have 1/2 price tapas with a Flamenco show in the evenings. This post is rich in photos and visuals so I will have my whimsical words but shall predominately let the foodie photos speak for themselves …What I really enjoy about tapas is that you can just try a lot of little bites that end up filling your tummy completely. They have recently added a woodfire oven for your Italian pizza fix! … Tapas is such an “easy fulfilling feeling” for a seafood, meat or vegetarian hunger.

No Tapas-fest feast isn’t one until you kick start with Sangria translated as “Bulls Blood.” This is a mixed drink containing a concoction of red wine, sparkling, fruit juice, chopped fruit such as orange & apple plus spices – and whatever else you want to thrown in! I always love Sangria as it’s refreshing & sweet with the dancing hint of red wine.Sashaying over to the food menu, after starting off with drinking Sangria for breakfast (it’s always a wise idea right?!) … I needed to order some carbs to weigh the floating morning vibes. Garlic Bread & Spicy Pizza Bread (white base, olive oil, chilli flakes and salt). Garlic bread is good but pretty standard – the shining star was indeed the mini-pizza! … Cooked in a woodfire oven, the dough was perfect in it’s Italian tradition: it was light, fluffy with a slight non-crunch. Simple ingredients is what my boyfriend always tells me … Because just a few can create a magical dance for your tastebuds.One of my foodie criteria is that the item of food to be eaten is breadcrumbed & deep fried … In this case, Croquetos de Champinon (mushroom croquettes) & Croquetos de Jamon
(ham croquettes). These little piping hot bites either contain flavourful mushroom filling or traditional Jamon Spanish Cured Ham. I always love to order these as the outside have a nice golden crunch (without being too oily) with have a heavenly creaminess inside.Huevos Rotos (poached egg built on thinly sliced fried potatoes and Spanish ham) … Meaning “broken eggs” this dish reminded me a lot of having breakfast with the freshness of the cherry tomatoes … Tastiness of the Spanish ham balanced out so perfectly and the crunch of those potatoes – they remind me of tiny fries & hash browns! … But one of the most important ‘must do’ with this dish is to break the egg so the yolk spill freely.CURED MEAT … I shall and never will be vegetarian sorry! … Jamon Serrano
(spanish curred ham) served with manchego cheese. I would never decline a board of cured meat & cheese … This is my ultimate choice – the saltiness & dry flavour of the ham co-mingle well with the creaminess of the soft cheese – it’s airy pockets, unique taste & subtle bite.Adding a dash of seafood to this mix … The Calamares Fritos (deep fried calamari) are light with a golden fried batter & some tangy side of aioli-mayonnaise sauce. Usually I am reluctant to order calamari as they are often chewy & stringy however this is soft, delicate & has a perfect bite.Alas de pollo al ajillo (chicken wings cooked in garlic and white wine sauce) – these golden glazed pollo have the juicy & tender chicken meat on the inside and the crunchy golden skin on the outside. Lastly on the savoury menu we finished with the Paella Valencia (a unique Spanish dish – rice, chicken & seafood). Paella is a rice dish originating from Valencia (Spain) & can have a mixture of different meats & veges. In this case very tasty seafood, some spices, peas & a squeeze on lemon. Cooked & served directly from the pan, the rice at the bottom has formed a rice crust with a slight crunch.img_1241-2DESSERT – yes please … Creme Brulee de Naranja (Orange Creme Brulee) and Flan
(Creme caramel) … Both desserts were very enjoyable & exactly as what you would expect. The Creme Brulee had a hinting of orange & the creme caramel had a smooth silky texture.img_1250img_1242Keep an eye out for the next blog post readers and hope you enjoyed this photo-filled imagery … Have a fab-end-of-week!

Spanish Tapas
26 Glebe Point Rd
Glebe NSW 2037
Phone: (02) 9571 9005

Jen ❤

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