The Tiny Giant’s Big Brunch

Hello to all my readers Australia-wide & beyond! Hope your bellies are filled with deliciousness treats & here we have finally arrived to the Sydney Spring Season! As the weather warms up we feel a little bit more motivated to pry ourselves out of bed for the most important weekend meal: brunch.

I love finding new places in Sydney to try and to the relief of my boyfriend I have been recruiting new “partners-in-foodie-crime” which includes my beautiful sister (and I admit that dragged my boyfriend here too haha). We have decided on a new mini tradition of trying a new place once a month … Trawling all over Instagram we came across Petersham’s The Tiny Giant.
The little corner nook of heaven is simple, eclectic, rustic & cool. As I probably have mentioned in previous posts, I am allergic to coffee (sigh) but the aroma fills my senses as I walk in and take note of the cronuts in the far back window.
img_1809img_1802The menu is concise and I immediately am drawn to the “Something Sweet” option Famous Brioche Toast: served with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, maple syrup, figs, cinnamon ricotta & topped with fairy floss and a side of aged prosciutto … Now this pretty piece of heaven has the height and heart of a harmonious dish. The brioche is soft and airy & partners well with the lightly whipped cinnamon ricotta … Then you have dabble of various fruit pieces that add a boost of freshness … Finalise this amazement with a perfect pyramid of melt-in-your-mouth fairy floss. I really enjoyed taking small elements from the dish & pilling them on my fork for the “full favour hit” … I added the prosciutto as I am a sucker when it comes to Italian cured meat – the saltiness from this balanced out all the sweetness – however, I could have easily done without.
img_1817Savouring savoury dishes & keeping up with the prosciutto theme, I recently tried out … Pea Smash Parmesan: sourdough toast, burrata cheese, aged prosciutto, basil pesto, parmesan crisp & micro mint. This dish is so creative, complex & captivating! If you want “Something More” this is the dish for you … Building a foundation with toasted sourdough that’s laying on top of the fresh pesto … The big ball of burrata cheese oozing all over … The parmesan crisp as a standing ovation … A perfect pour of peas & the cascading prosciutto pieces. A lavish & generous portion of this dish is a fulfilling feast on the eyes and tummy. It’s an adapted Italian festival of flavours – with the classic match of burrata cheese & prosciutto … distinct taste of the delicate parmesan crisp & the freshness of peas, mint & basil pesto.img_1837Feeling like a burger bun?! Want “Something More” but of a decent, more manageable size portion? … Pulled Pork Bun: slow cooked pork on a brioche bun with fresh slaw, sweet chilli, aioli, confit onion jam & kumara crisps. This dish is of standard size & very amazing … Well balanced and delicate in flavour, all ingredients mesh well without any particular component yelling out … The pork was tender & juicy, the slaw had a nice crisp freshness, the onion jam contributed a slight hint of sweetness – all enveloped in a light brioche bun. The kumara crisps were delicious & crunchy and the aioli had a good hinting of heat.img_1812img_1814Lastly – after trawling on Instagram I realised that the 2 options of “Something Sweet” look delightfully decadent and a MUST try … Famous Belgium Waffles: served with fresh banana, strawberries, blueberries, figs, maple syrup & persian pink fairy floss … For me this was another OMG moment as I tasted a continuous wave of wonderful mouthfuls. This dish felt a little heavier with the waffles & it was exactly the right amount for sharing with my boyfriend … Once again the waffles bite size pieces were enjoyed with various fruit pieces, a zing of toothsome maple syrup & the beautiful rose tasting fairy floss.I cannot wait to go back again to try more of their unique eats – Petersham is really growing in terms of the small “gems” of cafes. Next time I will need to try some of the appetising cronuts hidden in the back window by the counter. Good food is a fabulous combination where the tastebuds meet the eyes – both visually & deliciously pleasing and The Tiny Giant Petersham ticks all boxes.
img_1803The Tiny Giant
110 Audley St
Petersham NSW 2049
Ph: (02) 8065 4684

Anyways readers, thanks for dropping by again and hope you enjoyed this eye-pleasing post … More food and fashion are coming your way soon!

Have fabulous week!

Jen ❤

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