A delightful night at Norsk Dor

Hi All …

Happy Monday and hope everyone had a lovely weekend! 🙂
A lot of people tend to compare Sydney & Melbourne when it comes to the hidden bars & restaurants – it’s the fun of trying to figure out if you have gone to the right place and also the journey of finding the “hidden/secret entrance.”

Norsk Dor is Scandinavian themed with rustic table settings, fur draped chairs, folliage, cozy lighting … But what made the experience fun was the journey  you took as you find the narrow doorway between a small cafe & office building … then walk down the stairs with “creatures of the night” sounds … taking more stairs you see a picture of a deer … and a random doorway that you have to press a buzzer … then Norsk Dor presents itself to you …At Norsk Dor the food is a “daily set menu” instead of “a-la-carte” according to the local produce available … My boyfriend picked up on this offer as a Groupon – usually such vouchers means low-level service & you feel like some leftover peasant in the corner crappy table. I think what most bar/cafes/restaurants need to remember is that regardless of how much you pay, often Groupon-type vouchers are a doorway of awareness for such new, upcoming & hard to find gems! However I need to note that the service here was absolutely outstanding & we were treated so well – staff were so friendly & accommodating.

As the set menu begins, we start with a glass of sparkling wine (light & clean with a clean finish) and a glass of Pilsner Beer (light, a nice balance of bitterness) … Follow me on this journey …
Local Oyster // with cider sorbet.
Fresh oysters are such an acquired taste but I love them & these were of a large generous size. Chilled on ice, place a scoop of the cool cider sorbet … it’s slap in the mouth with its frosty & clean aftertaste …Smoked Cheddar // served with crackers, red grapes and apple chutney.
The smoked cheese was really an interesting spin on the classic mini cheese platter. I never really thought about trying smoked cheese – I would usually select creamy, fruity, salty or something truffley (yes I made up this word) … However this cheese was an curious choice as it had a hint of creamy bite with the smokiness that wasn’t overpowering … Take a cracker (wafer thin crackers tend to allow the topping to shine), a dollop of apple chutney, a grape and then bite. It’s a meshed party of flavours of sweet, smoked & fresh …Bone Marrow // house akvavit, soft herbs and rye bread.
I guess this is one of Norsk Dor’s signature dishes and what I have been been always looking forward to! I am half Filipino so the adventurous side of me is rarely turned off when it comes to trying something different & out of the ordinary. Bone marrow was soooo good in it’s greasy goodness on the dense yet delightful homemade rye bread – the oily creaminess of the marrow is such a “I-want-more-dish” … to the point I was using pieces of rye bread to scrape the last of it. The house akvavit (typical Nordic liquor that’s used as an aperitif or when having big meals) was the final shot, cutting through the palate & oil – making me ready to try the next dish.Swedish Meatballs // brown sauce, dill potatoes & cranberry.
This dish is a must at Norsk Dor (who doesn’t love these meatballs & no it’s not like IKEA). The meatballs were juicy with chunks of cranberries … the potatoes were cut to tender bite size pieces … all topped with fresh sprigs of dill & herbs. Goat’s Cheese // beetroot, honey and forest seeds.
The sweetest beetroot made this dish a little overpowering – I did love the combination of the goats cheese, honey & beetroot – it reminded me of a cheese platter actually. The homemade flatbread added some carb weight to this dish. The beetroot was cooked so well & as it was caramelised, it had a sticky sweet glazed texture. If you are not a fan of beetroot this might not be the dish for you. Gravalax // dill & brown mustard.
Presented in it’s beauty, this elegantly looking plate was a contrast to the colour explosion of the last. Fresh salmon with roe (tick) … plus horseradish type mustard (tick) … simplicity at it’s best – nothing more to say.Venison // celeriac puree, onion & artichoke.
Gamey meat is quite the acquired taste, either you love it, or you don’t. Venison steak was cooked perfectly and quite rare – this is deer if you had no idea. I guess it does make sense to have a gamey animal on the menu. The steak was cut and cooked with a rare centre, it was quite tasty and you could tell that although it reminded of beef, you could tell in the taste that it was actually a wild animal. Celeriac puree (celery root, onion & potato) was nice & creamy and danced alongside the caramelised onion, artichoke and richness of the venison – this is the classic combination of flavours.
Duck Confit // forest mushrooms, parsnip.
This duck dish is every bit beautiful, rustic and nom nom all the way  … the parsnip puree was delicate and didn’t detract from the star – that confit duck. It had the nice crisp skin with the juicy meat right down to the bone (not dry at all). And for me I really enjoyed the various forest mushrooms as they had a nice crunch.Swedish Chocolate Cake // blueberries ice-cream & fresh fruit. Of course there was dessert – what is a set menu without dessert with the accompaniment of a heavenly cocktail!

A refreshing cocktail was what was in want! I ordered the:
• Akavit / Tanqueray gin / mint / citrus – this was easy to drink, not too sweet or tart and light … not to mention it’s soooo pretty!

The cake – it was soooo bizarre as it was essentially like a “Torta Tenerina” Italian chocolate cake (as per my previous post). This Swedish cake called Kladdkaka typically has a crumbly crust and then a gooey centre very much similar to a brownie. Served with fresh strawberries, berries and a blueberry ice-cream this was of generous portion size (note – to share) and the most perfect way to end the Nordic dish journey.Anyway readers, thanks for tuning in again and hope you enjoyed this post! Coming up soon … Charlotte Olympia + a Barbie Doll … BIG meal in Bowral and more trips to Italian Food Heaven!

J  ❤

Norsk Dor
B2, 70 Pitt Street,
Sydney, NSW 2000
(Look for the silver door beside Batch coffee)

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