First Italian Wintery Xmas … Part 1 (the flight)

Here I am waiting to catch my flight on route to Ferrara, Italy … The last time I went over to Italy or any sort of holiday I promised myself that –
1) I would blog more
2) I would blog whilst on holidays

The name of my blog implies strictly what I am … “I am Very Busy.”
It makes me wonder now … Is this some pre-determined fate that I have forever instilled into my life? (possibly the lack of sleep is making me overthink) … Often I  wonder how many people read my blog posts and whether I would really care if this was just for me … I always had the thought that the moment that I made my blog a “chore” then it would be taking the fun out of it … This is the moment where it could possibly topple over & just cave OR I could just keep going and not be so worried about how many followers or readers I have. This is probably one of the most thought provoking and raw posts I’ve ever written … Today I remind myself that I am not a quitter & I should never give up … No matter how busy I am!

Moving away from my rant …

Yes, here I am – Dubai Airport, 6am, ordering McDonalds breakfast that provides oddly enough table service as I recall my tearful farewell to my glowing pregnant sis (I’m going to be an Auntie for the first time YEY) and to my strong & beautiful mother – my first Xmas away from my Sydney family …

Mrs Fields cookies in tow & whilst wearing my kids-sized Timberlands, I eagerly await to board … All in prep for the remaining long haul (I’ve lost count of many hours now) … plus the weather shock I will receive on the other side. I am more of a “chasing the Summer” type of gal … From Aussie Xmas Summer – stinking hot, cold beers, BBQ, Xmas ham, thongs (on your feet of course) to Italian Xmas Winter – freezing cold (like next level), mulled wine, salami, more salami, dessert, magical medieval city in lights.

I’ve been thorough with packing – down jacket, wool coat, many many sweaters, tights, snow boots, timberlands, beanies, gloves & scarves … GIFTS – lots of gifts (please let me not forget anything) AND I have mentally prepared myself for the fact that it’s gonna be really COLD. Excited for this and it will be an adventure … Not only I will be reunited with my boyfriend (he flew a week ahead of me) but eager to spend time with his family & friends. Ferrara is already one enchanted city that captured my heart … I know it’s about to do it again!

Wish me luck!!!

J ❤ xo

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