Keep cozy with KOH …

Hello to All to all my Australian Winter Friends!

So raise your hand if you love Winter?! BOO!!! … This is most definitely one of the most cooler seasons I’ve experienced – or maybe it’s because I miss & long for  European Summer soooo much!

KOH Sydney is the label of Sydneysider “Jim Koh.” Born and raised in Singapore, Jim developed his talent for design, fashion & flair at a very young age – or more than likely, he was born with it already … He now graces our presence with his graphic design skills whilst simultaneously running KOH on the side. Utilising his passion for fabric, he creates most beautiful, funky cushions and blankets for your home. If you are gonna suffer in this cold, suffer with STYLE! His cushion designs are adorned with retro/funky polka dots (classic combo of gold on navy blue or black on yellow – very bumble bee) and are also available in various sizing. The gorgeous blankets/throws are created in various colours, prints & styles. The each throw is very unique with an added special touch by individually hand-sewing on fun tassels. I make it no secret that I have a “thing” for interior design & home furnishings … It really makes a house into a “home.”I truly support and love his work … You can see that each piece is made by love, creativity & style. Most of his creations are limited edition as he likes to experiment various types of fabrics and variety – so snag a piece today! … and stayed tuned for the next instalment: KOH Handbags & clutches.

Come … See … & Find your cozy Winter KOH purchase …

Jen ❤

Limoncello Torte & Lemon Totes! …

Hi All!

If you already didn’t know … I LOVE LIMONCELLO … It’s citrus note is a little bit bitter and a little sweet with a cool finish. It’s Summer – European Summer and so delicious to drink. And I also love lemons in general … Squeeze it over oysters, have it with tea & honey and make it in a torte (aka. CAKE) … Are you ready for my FIRST blog recipe post?!

I was inspired by Italy & Kate Spade … Kate Spade released a “summer” tote/handbag quoting that … “WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS – MAKE LIMONCELLO.” Ok – agreed … Now I don’t know how to make Limoncello (not yet) BUT I have recently learnt how to make cake … I need to make it clear that I cannot bake to save my life. So with my life, lemons and determination, here I am as a flustered mess ready to take on the cake challenge.

This is a Limoncello, Lemon, Ricotta & Almond Cake Recipe
Was I scared?! YES … Did I make a mess?! YES … Did I succeed?! Thankfully YES.
After trawling through pages & blog posts around the world I was inspired by a post one of my friends posted on Facebook:
One of the recipes intrigued me enough to give it a go & make a slight adjustment with the liqueur …

• 3 eggs
• 200 grams caster sugar
• 4 tablespoons olive oil
• 170 gram fresh ricotta
• 200 gram self-raising flour (sifted)
• 70 gram almond meal
• Grated zest of 2 lemons & some juice
• Teaspoon of vanilla extract
• Splashes of Limoncello (depends on how you want it to taste)
• Icing sugar to dustSteps Involved:
1) Pre-heat oven between 150-170°C and grease your baking tin with butter & flour.
2) Beat eggs and & in a large bowl until creamy, then add in the ricotta & olive oil until smooth.
3) Fold in the almond meal and sifted flour gently.
4) Then add in the lemon zest & juice, vanilla essence & Limoncello.
5) Pour batter into the baking cake tin and bake for about 40 mins or until cooked through.
5) Let the cake cool until serving the decorate & with icing sugar dusted on top & sliced lemon.
6) ENJOY & try not to eat it all … (this was served with a scoop of Messina Mandarin Gelato).
Apparently the cake was so good that my dad ate all 4 slices (that was supposed to be shared amongst my family!) … And my Italian boyfriend said he found the cake to be very delicate in taste, balancing the sweet with the hints of sour.

Now tell me “I am Very Busy” readers – are you a baker or a lover of cake?
What inspires you on your cooking escapades? …

Jen ❤

Come & see Capriccio Osteria …

Food Glorious Food … The 5 kgs that has crept on from Italy and prior to will not vamoose! So I am on a partial food plan with Lite n Easy … I know, I know – if I go on a “diet” it means that:
1) There will be no food blog posts and I will have to up my shopping game.
2) I will be very hungry.

So safe to say that I don’t want either of these options … So I am attempting to maintain a “balance” and weekends will predominately be the indulgent days!

Once again it would be to no surprise that I love Italian food – so when I heard that there was a unique and authentic Italian Osteria in the Inner West, I was curious to try: Capriccio Osteria … In the tradition, an Osteria is typically a place where you have a wine & a quick meal … But now they have adapted more of a rustic Trattoria-style restaurant: serving delicious local food.

Capriccio Osteria gives a “whimsical & playful feel” to this delightfully new edition to Norton St, specialising in Italian wines & liquor but most importantly they have invested in their own woodfire oven to bake their own Foccacia and Panini Bread. The decor is very contemporary and modern with a touch a rustic in such iron detailing, all wrapped up with the homely hand painted ceramic plates & wine jugs.The wine and liquor range is very Italian and extensive – from Aperol, Limoncello, Campari, Frangellico to their incredible sought out range of wines – notable mention is the house red “rosso” and white “bianco” wines from Sardegna “Cantine della Vernaccia.” Usually Red or White House wines are average in taste, tone & scent. But this wine is a local one produced – although it was a little more expensive for a house wine, the quality was most definitely worth it. The wine is so beautiful, pleasant and enjoyable to drink. As I was sipping on this liquid gold I awaited for the usual bitterness aftertaste (that makes me cringe & scrunch up my face) but it really was just so pleasant and the way wine should really be … PLUS easy to drink!Starting off the local lunchin’ with: Cotechino Sliders – Cotechino is a salami (various cuts of pork), pickle, truffle mayo on a lentil bun. This was very rich in taste but still retaining the traditional flavours. The salami seemed to be slightly grilled or maybe pan fried for a crisp texture on the outside whilst seeping of juiciness … The truffle Mayo was very light & subtle … And the lentil bun was very unique with a modern yet traditional Italian take of a slider. It’s said that lentil & Cotechino is a the ideal marriage in Italian flavours.From here we progressed to the mains, phase 1 …
• Woodfire Focaccia with Porchetta (small pig roasted) … In the words of my boyfriend “Holy Crap!” … In fact there was nothing crap about this dish! The pork was cooked with the perfect amount of seasoning, juiciness, tenderness and fat … Hello Cholesterol City! A noteworthy mention is the fact that the focaccia is freshly baked (YES) and it’s so hot, crispy & mouthwatering with it’s herbed aroma and flavouring. 
• Panini “Special” Dish of the day – Bresaola, Rocket, Pecorino Cheese … Bresaola is a cured meat (salted & air-dried beef aged for a few months to give it a deep purple/dark red hue) with a hint of delicacy & tough yet tender texture. Depending on whether additional herbs have been added – it can intensify the taste. Bresaola is considered to be one of the most expensive cured meats in Italy as it’s beef & not produced in huge masses like proscuitto. It has such a individual taste that piling in too many additions would just cloud it. Rocket & the cheese gives the simplicity to create a wave of wonderful. Envelope it all inside a freshly baked panini … • Calamari with lemon oil & squid ink crisp … This was a very inventive & interesting dish. So simple with few ingredients – the lemon oil reflects a freshness to the dish alongside with how the squid was cooked with care – it’s not chewy or rubbery but soft. The squid ink crisp was the perfect match with the slight saltiness and there were a few little black smooth caviar-jelly like eggs to finish it off.• Dessert: Limoncello Tiramisu … Shut the door! … Limoncello – it became an increasing addiction whilst in Italy … It’s sweet yet bitter syrupy liquor is a perfect final accompaniment to finish off a meal. Now I am allergic to coffee (this is incredibly upsetting for the half-Italian in me) so tiramisu in a slightly adapted form? Si per favore! Usually tiramisu is served in a glass, bowl or deep dish with the layering technique of cream, coffee, biscuits, repeat … But the method of laying this carefully on the plate is a modern take – still with the layering effect. Chocolate sauce folded with berries, limoncello cream, soaked biscuits and repeat – finishing off with a cocoa dusting … It’s just genius! What a experimental way of blending well-matched sweetness … This dessertly treat is light, airy, elegant and delectable … So much so that I ordered two!! (note: please don’t judge me!)Do I recommend this place for all you Inner Westies & beyond? YES

Will I return again? Most Definitely!

Grazie mille Capriccio for your wonderful hospitality and wonderful food – the genuine Italian flavours take me back …xo

Capriccio Osteria Bar
159 Norton Street
Leichhardt NSW 2040
Ph: 02 9572 7607

Til the next adventure … Next stop: SOPHIA WEBSTERS Sandals, how KOH can keep you warm … PLUS – a Lemon Limoncello, Almond Ricotta Cake Recipe you can’t resist!

Jen ❤

Gelato Breakfasting @ Messina

Ciao to everyone near & far!

Hope everyone has had a fantabulous few weeks since my last post! Now YES I promised a shoe post and YES my fashion posts have been a ghost of late, but the truth is I can’t get over Italy & the reality of my trip being over. Every night I wake up dreaming of Italy … It’s somehow stamped a thousand prints on my head & heart … So much so that the weekend upon my return I ended up at a Messina Gelato Appreciation Class.

It’s 7.30am and the flutter of panic filled my head as I had slept in … Scrambling in the dark (& possibly making far too much noise) I managed to get myself somewhat together, in a taxi and on route to Gelato Messina.
Awaiting at the shop it’s a 9am start and the sleepiness of the class subsides as the complimentary coffee & tea kick in alongside with the excitement! Although the shop is empty in gelato, we know we are about to experience something truly special … Gelato Messina is simple – inspired by their Italian roots with splashes & flourishes of creativity! Italian Gelato with a quirk – but still with it’s deliciousness.

As the little mini-van drove us to Messina HQ, my fairly empty stomach was ready for what was going to be a truly decadent breakfast in this city of Sydney!

Sitting down in a modern, open plan glass room – you can see all the makings of the gelato process & machinery in the factory. Each table had a menu for the morning (the degustation menu does change often) … plus a Messina Gelato Cookbook (create your own gelato) … a glass of refillable water (so parched from all the sweetness hehe) and cute colourful plastic spoons for the tastings.

A dynamic duo of kitchen gurus: Alex & Nelson introduce us to a team of talented chefs and so the session begins …

Alex walks us through the process of making gelato gelato & sorbet and the difference between gelato & ice-cream (fun fact answer is that ice-cream contains more AIR, gelato is based on milk & apparently gelato should be served at a more warmer temperature which is more enjoyable & enhances the flavour with it’s slow melting action – not chillin’ your teeth).  Meanwhile, we will commence the Gelato Degustation …
Presenting … Breakfast at Audrey’s: Pancake gelato, maple mousse, tuile, blueberry jelly, orange segments and edible flowers. This was breakfast and a good introduction to the world of decadent & delicate gelato dishes for your tastebuds! It had the light fluffy sweet breakfast dish that you would usually order – a pancake dish drizzled with maple syrup & fruit – all constructed & centred around gelato components! Very clever & finishes well on the palate with the fresh orange pieces … This is visually a very pretty dish & a pleasing delight to enjoy! Watermelondria: watermelon sorbet, tomato concassé, almond cake, white chocolate, szechuan mousse & thyme crystal … Now honestly when I read this on the menu I was slightly scared – wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy it! Who would have known that sweet & salty can match so well! This dish was very creative, inventive & daring! The watermelon sorbet was refreshing, tomato concassé added some saltiness, almond cake was the neutral base that balanced out my palate, white chocolate & szechuan mousse was delicate & thyme crystal added a unique texture crunch to the dish. I enjoyed this but if I spotted it on the menu – I don’t think I would ever dare to try such combination!Bitter Tart: coconut gelato, chocolate biscuit crushed, lemon chantilly cream, framboise pépins (rapsberry seeds) … This dish was my absolute favourite – give me this on repeat! Simple, sweet & with some tartness. For a starter, coconut gelato – get this right and I’ll have it everyday. Gelato perfectly shaped & the spoon slices it so cleanly! Placing it on my mouth, it delicate dances and melts with hues of coconut. Lemon chantilly cream was light & airy … Spooning a little bit of everything is exactly like a lemon, coconut tart with tickles of raspberry. Tim Tam Treat: 1 Tim Tam dipped in chocolate gelato frozen … Served with a saucer hot tea with a chocolate type domed mousse that will melt – bite both ends of the biscuit and drink it up through the biscuit … and the eat the melted Tim Tam of course!
DYI creation … Using a waffle “plate” with vanilla gelato you can create your own masterpiece using various toppings such as nuts, meringue, popcorn & drizzles of mango sauce … LAST grand finale … The FAMOUS Mushroom Gelato Cake – Dr Evil‘s Magic Mushroom – very Super Mario Brothers, this is not for the faint hearted. If you are gonna do it, go all out & put your cholesterol into it! Chef Nelson does this with such simplicity & ease (but he is a chef after all) … Starting off with folding peanut cookies & caramel into a dark chocolate gelato and sets it into a dome-shape mould lined with chocolate sponge cake with vanilla cream  … The mushroom “stalk” is filled with more dulce de leche (caramel) & dark choccie gelato … Once the mushroom mould is “set” pour the red ganache & pop on some white chocolate buttons with the one signature “Messina” button. Once the mushroom is assembled, it sits on a stand surrounded by green grass (popping candy, crushed biscuit, white chocolate and almond praline) …
HELLO!? … What an incredible creation and just filled with so many flavours all fusing together!Wrapping up the morning we return back to Darlinghurst Messina to have a “all you can eat sample” of everything – that’s if there was still room in one’s belly! … Grand Finale is you get to select a tub of your own to take home (up to 3 flavours) … My selection: Mandarin (in gelato form – so fresh), Mango (delightful) and Coco Republic – a special gelato concoction of coconut gelato with passionfruit curd & chunks of pineapple cake.

So … What a MORNING! It’s hard to believe how much gelato eating one can do! It was gluttonous, it was indulgent, it was heaven … Worth it … Gelato Lovers! Do yourself a favour and book yourself into such a class … Winter or not, Gelato is the way to my heart!

Click here is read more on Gelato Messina’s Classes:

Til next time … Much food love!
Jen ❤

Aperitivo Addiction (Italian Gem – Part 2)

Ciao All!

Here I am again – FOOD Focused … Desperately missing Italy & all of it’s delights! Sorry I’ve been M.I.B.A (missing in blogging action), but my holiday to Italy became non-stop in it’s incredible intensity! … BUT this now means that I have a backlog of material – which is fortunate for my readers & also for myself!

Aperitivo is an afternoon beverage (usually alcoholic) served with some snacks – typically potato chips, nuts, fruit, savoury pastries & the like. Although this is more of a typical/popular tradition in the northern parts of Italy, you can find it throughout Italy … My chosen poison (aka. drink) is an Aperol Spritz which is a very common aperitif drink; easy to create with Aperol liqueur, prosecco and sometimes soda water with some ice (slice of orange or lemon) – then mix! Aperol Spritz is very refreshing with a hint of citrus (orange) & bitterness but with a sweet end. Another famous spritz mixer uses Campari (darker in reddish colour) which is of similar nature but with more bitterness … My very first taste of this heavenly elixir was my first date with my Italian boyfriend – he introduced me to this world & since then, I have never looked back!

Aperitivo is a usually the afternoon drink you have with a few snacks or in some places there is a buffet of food to enjoy with your drinks. This is the way Italians do it – they drink & EAT. Yes I can hear some of you saying “Eating is cheating” but the mentality of Italians are not to get horrendously intoxicated, but to enjoy a quality drink, some food & good company to open up the stomach for the real meal: Cena (dinner). In Sydney, Australia – an Aperol Spritz is about $12-$14 … In comparison to Italy where it could be as little as €2.50 (Euros) … So I would say, “bring it on!” … We had it everywhere – Ferrara, Venice, Rome & Sicily …

One particular place in Ferrara called “Bar Leon D’oro” – known to be one of the most popular bar & patisserie in Ferrara City. Although we purchased a few little sweet treats (more on this another time) … Every time we get food for Aperitivo, I am continuously confused haha – especially when this spread arrived with mini pizzas, puff pastries of anchovies, nuts, mini pickled veges, nuts & chips! It was a very delightful savoury mix to graze on!Since spending my 34th Birthday in Venice, I discovered the joy of also enjoying a Aperol mixer drink in a bottle (from local grocery stores) whilst strolling down the little lanes of the city … The bottle is not only super cute (yes I sound like such a girl) but also a nice cool beverage to sip on the go! It was a perfect companion on a hot Venetian Day!I honestly can’t count the number of times I had an Aperol Spritz/Aperitivo or where I had them and definitely didn’t take a photo every single time … But I can confirm that it’s an addiction & a regular routine that I miss about Italian Life! Stay tuned for more Italian Gems and coming up soon – a possible delayed shoe post!!

Jen ❤

Gems of local Italy … Part 1

Ciao All!

Welcome back to “I am Very Busy” … Blogging all the way from Italia! Yes I am on a totally different continent and experiencing life in a different way! … Located in the area of Ferrara (northeast of Italy, just south of the Po River) – it’s rich in architecture & history, just as beautiful as Florence, plus contains an abundance of food localities & specialties. So far, only a couple of days into my trip but so far it’s been all about food, friends & family.

The Italian way of life is about enjoying a home cooked meal made by love & good quality Italian ingredients. So far I have discovered that Zia knows best. Zia Tina is my boyfriend’s Great Aunt who cooks with great passion & the knowledge that others will enjoy her food … Italian food is simple – there is no fancy hidden spices or strange condiments added – just the basic flavours simmered together to create a great an authentic dish. Upon my arrival, my sorry jet-lagged self tasted what was quite possibly the world’s most amazing lasagne … I have never enjoyed a lasagne so much – perfect bechamel sauce thickness, the richness of bolognese, the smooth pasta sheets slithered in-between and the slightly crusty oven baked top cheesey layer – heaven … #nofilter  
The traditional boiled salami also known as Salama da Sugo is a must (also made by Zia) – this is a handmade salami boiled for many hours filled with pork (neck, leg & shoulders – cut used for prosciutto & liver), strong red wine, salt , nutmeg & pepper. Aged for about 12 or 24 months with the tradition that it should be ready for Christmas time. The taste is unique, rich & “forte” (very strong and intense) so it’s usually matched well by mash potatoes or rockmelon. I tried this and I found that I preferred it on its own! Simple is best … “Brodo” (soup broth) is flavoursome & a perfectly warm dish that I was suggested to with the traditional Pane Ferrarese (bread) broken into pieces. This type of sourdough bread has a twisted horn shape with the recipe dating back from the middle ages. The story of the shape comes from the old saying “Avere Le Corna” – translates as literally “to have horns” but figuratively means your wife is cheating on you. So the baker back in the middle ages decided to created this shape as there were rumours that the duke’s wife was cheating on him. This bread is very different in taste & consistency as it has more of a crispy texture (rather than a soft dough).Wandering through the aisles of Ipercoop, alcohol selection is never a issue! As my boyfriend would say: “Why would Italians outsource wine when that produce great quality here!” Limoncello, Proscecco, Vino Bianco, Rosso, Campari, Aperol, Birre … If the Chocoholic in me doesn’t go crazy, Kinder and Ferraro makes me want to dive into this heavenly existence! The range is insane & plentiful with every possible combination: White, Chocolate & Dark. With biscuit, hazelnut cream, cereal bites & much more in variety … And if you don’t know what any of this means – you are living a very sad existence haha! Til the next Italian food & other finds (& believe me – there will be plenty) … Ci vediamo a presto!

Jen ❤

Feelin’ Chiara Ferragni Flats …

Ciao a Tutti!

Almost time to touch down in Italy! Super excited and can’t wait to eat my way through all the most amazing home cook meals and try this incredible cuisine wish real authenticity!

Italy is also know for it’s ability to create a classic, timeless and unique style with fashion … Think Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Prada, Armani, Ferragamo – just to name a few …

Shoes are my life passion (& food) – alongside with my nearest & dearest. After my recent foot injury – being restricted to crutches for 4 weeks sucked – but what made it worse was the fact that after (and still to now) I still in the healing  process and hence flats is the way to go – but it doesn’t mean I can’t look fabulous … Yes I love heels, yes I need height (only about 150cm – a little petite).

Instagram being my muse & saviour paved the way to “The Blonde Salad” Chiara Ferragni. This gorgeous lady is a worldwide renowned blogger with over a million of supporters of her work and style … Which ended up in the release of her street yet pretty designer style shoes – think leather boots to fabulous flats.

Her signature blue eyes, long lashes with a “wink” adorns the glittery flats, sandals, boots & heels in a multitude of colours & style … Using other cool pictures & patterns – like Hollywood Stars, Hamburgers & Fries, Lipstick or Lips … Plus T-Shirt with her signature wink …

My chosen purchase is the pink slipper/ballet flats and the signature “flirting wink” … Love Love Love them and super comfy too! Not only that, but “Italians do it Better” when it comes to craftsmanship & quality … This will not be my last and only purchase in the Chiara Ferragni collectionWishing you all a beautiful day & one more 5hr flight til I arrive in Italy! … Nearly time to be inspired to shop the look & devour the delicious Italian food delights!

Feelin’ like a shoe shop?:

Jen ❤

Relish The Rook …

Hello Again and TY for stopping by “I am Very Busy” …

FOOD TIME and of course this is no surprise to you! … But I almost must say that I am due for another fashion/shoe/latest purchase post … Promise – that will come very soon! I have no shortage of shoes or shopping!

Recently I have been trying to do lots of “mini catch ups” with girlfriends and struggle to find a place with a cool vibe (but not pretentious), fun atmosphere with enjoyable eats! One of my favourite places is The Rook. After hearing several good reviews, a girlfriend dragged me up to this randomly rooftop haven. With the outdoor/garden style decor & upside down umbrellas, partially transparent ceiling, you are unsure if you are indoors or out! Very different …Located on Level R (Lvl 7) 56-58 York Street you would barely know that this place existed until the elevator doors open up to a dimly “mood lighting” joint, split into a bar & restaurant area. The place is buzzing with a mix from “after work city crowd” to a haggle of tourists – it’s a nice mix of people which makes the place feel much more relaxed. The bar area has a rustic vibe with an extensive range of drinks – wine, beers, spirits, cocktails & more! You can be either chillin’ by the bar area whilst waiting for a table OR you can reserve one easily online or on the phone.

I have tried quite a few of their wines & cocktails … But I cannot lie … I am really there for the food haha … The Rook specialise in either Lobster or Burgers (with fries etc) PLUS a few small eats … AND their signature Deep Fried Mars Bar Dessert – yes, you did read that right!!

Usually I start off with ordering the same (favoured cocktail): Down the Rabbit Hole – Beefeater Gin, blood 19 orange liqueur, white cacao, lemon, cardamom … AND for entree I love love love the Lobster & Chorizo Croquettes with smoked paprika aioli – in fact I just love croquettes in general. Biting into these babies is like eating puffs of fluffy clouds with tasteful hints of lobster & little pieces of chorizo – encased with a crunchy crumbed coating. They also serve any other drop that takes your fancy from vino (wine), negroni, cocktails, fresh juices, mocktails & more!In terms of food – what they serve falls into 2 categories: Burgers or Lobster … Which one takes YOUR fancy?! One over the other or both? So I have been several times now to say that I have tried quite a few of their burgers and the famous LOBSTER & Bacon ROLL!!!
Under the “Something Different” section – Lobster & Bacon Roll … This dish not for the faint hearted – it packs a lobster punch, literally bursting out of the crusty bread roll. Epically massive, it’s really enough to feed 2 and with sadness I managed to get through about two thirds (due to the rookie error of ordering truffle fries and onion rings … unsure what I was thinking). It’s filled with explosive layers of flavours … Starting from the top: a layer of a creamy potato salad-type filling: potato, corn, bacon, corn, fresh dill, capsicum plus the addition of  jalapenos to add a kick. As you start to bite your way through this is jam-packed-event you finally reach the soft chunks of lobster to complete the experience. Bag me a burger!!! … The options for the burgers are plentiful including a vegetarian option with a falafel pattie (I will try this one soon) … All burgers come with tasty truffle fries – the truffle taste is very subtle but the thickly cut fries are delicious either way with a nice crunch. Also would like the note that the burger bun is very soft & easy to eat … Nothing worse than chewing through a dense burger bun for ages!!! … So far I have tried:
1) Crispy or grilled chicken, tomato, lettuce, herb mayo (photo 1) – Simple, classic crispy coated chicken with a creamy herb mayo.
2) Bandito, chilli bean wagyu, guacamole, chipotle. Served with spicy wedges (photo 2) – This was my fav burger!!! I wasn’t sure how a ‘chilli bean wagyu’ would be like but it was scrumptious! The patty was juicy and tasty from the chilli beans folded through – it had enough ‘heat’ to give a nice bite to it – and the guacamole was a nice fresh addition, rounding off this Mexican inspired burger.
3) Uncle Sam, wagyu, cheese, tomato jam, mustard aioli, pickle (no photo available) – Classic cheeseburger style, enough said.No dinner meal is complete without dessert (of course)!!! … With dessert options to select from, the Deep Fried Mars Bar with vanilla bean ice-cream was hands down the chosen one. Deconstructed on the plate, there are various interesting facets with this dessert to nibble at … From the gooey deep fried mars bars, salted caramel, fluffy marshmallowy meringue, crushed tasty buttery crumbs, nuts, glazed cherries & chocolate sauce …Wishing everyone a Happy Friday & do check out The Rook!!! … Hope you all have a lovely (food-fun-filled) weekend and stayed tuned for a shoe post soon! Much love and smiles …

The Rook
7, 56-58 York St
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 9262 2505

Jen ❤

Dare you to visit Daisy’s …

Hi All!

Petersham area is starting to BOOM with some awesome eats … With the Oxford Tavern undergoing a more hipster-fun-eatery transformation, formerly a strip club (some of the facade is still kept in tact & I’m yet to visit) – BUT just further down on Stanmore Road is Daisy’s Milkbar.Daisy’s is every bit of a delightful place you must visit with great EATS! If you are looking for a little local inner-west neighbourhood cafe where you can enjoy pretty decor, with cuteness factor & deliciously delightful food … this is the place for you! It’s got this cool, rockabilly, local milk-bar feel. A large pink painted door with gold lettering “340” marks the entrance of this cool cat … Cutsie decor splashed with pink shelving adorned with books, snazzy nick-knacks, a free cordial stand, little booths, glowing daisy light, glass jars filled with candy and lollies on sale, retro pictures, merchandise such as totes n t-shirts & fresh flowers all with a rustic flair. You can’t help but feel like you have almost stepped into someone’s home!
Despite the dreary Sunday average rainy day, my “Sister Date” couldn’t have been at a better place! With my iPad mini in tow I was ready for a Sunday sesh of sisterly gossip, sumptuous feeds and bridal talk (my lil’ sis is getting hitched!) Starting off with some beverages, I opted for a pot of heavenly sticky chai brewed with soy milk (perfect for the wet weather) whilst my sister went for a refreshing slurps of watermelon & mint juice in a tall milkshake-type glass … Speaking of which – next time must try their milkshakes …Food Focus Time! … Brilliant thing about Daisy’s menu is that it’s ALL day – so I can have a breakfast for lunch or lunch for breakfast … Confused yet?! Hehe … We decided to do the “sisterly share” – for 2 lunch dishes …

Side: fries – seriously, there is nothing better than fries on a rainy day.

Main 1 to share: Meatball Sub – hello where have you been all my life?! This meaty & flavoursome sub was filled with meatballs in tomato sauce, melted sharp cheddar (melted cheeeeeese), roasted capsicum, fresh basil all enveloped in a crusty fresh bread roll. This was ridiculously filling and delicious – it was the perfect balance of tender meatballs with just enough sauce to add the value but not drown it … bread was crusty … enough melted cheese action with the roast capsicum & fresh basil to complete it. Main 2 to share: Toasted Reuben Sandwich – now many many places have tried to master the ruben! You want it to be the perfect balance of salty & savoury. For those who are not familiar – filling usually comprises of corned beef, sauerkraut, melted swiss cheese, russian dressing and pickles all toasted between slices of bread. This was so filling & rich in flavours – all tied perfectly with the buttery toasted bread.Decadent Dessert … Even though we were full, many digestion minutes later we had to try dessert. Weather that day felt too cold for a sundae – so we selected their signature Cherry & Apple Pie served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream & showered with icing sugar to complete. Nothing better than a warm pie with a side of ice-cream on a rainy day – it’s comfort food at it’s best and a perfect way for my sis and I to wrap up a brunchin’ morning of wedding talk.Here are a few more photos showing you the cuteness & colourful factor …
JarsDaisy’s is so perfectly pretty …   Do yourself a favour and I dare ya to visit Daisy’s … I plan to go back again to try the brekkie menu and milkshakes & Sundaes!

Daisy’s Milkbar
340 Stanmore Road
Petersham NSW 2049
(02) 8065 3466

Open Monday – Sunday: 7:00am – 3:00pm

Have a lovely weekend all and blog-ya-soon!

Jen ❤

Handsomely Vera Xane …

I heart jewellery & self decorating haha … Diamonds, Silver, Gold, Leather … Earrings, Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets and the like!

I am BLING – people in my life know me to be loud in colour and in style. I wear clashing prints, wear bright shoes, live my life in colour, make up my own trends and make no apologies for who I am.

One of my favourite Australian Fashion Designer Labels is We are Handsome. Specialising in lycra-type materials for swimwear & clothing with a summery, animal-printing, vibrant, tropical vibe.

I have a thing for tropical-looking pieces such as pineapples, watermelon & palm trees … So stumbling across an Australian issue of Cosmopolitan, I was delighted to hear that We Are Handsome have collaborated with a young & talented designer: Alex Smyth-Kirk who launched her brand Vera Xane in 2011.

Vera Xane has always had a magnetic fondness for jewellery & accessories throughout high school and whilst studying her passion she developed her own unique & stunning range of pieces. Influenced by popular & Rock n Rock era from the 1960’s & 70’s her pieces are loud, statement-like, geometrical & bold jewellery pretty much speak for themselves … Think BIG! … Her website features various collections and one of which is a collaboration of Vera Xane X We are Handsome inspired by the team of WAH (We are Handsome) they snapped up Alex Smyth-Kirk’s talent for an Odessey Rising Campaign in the Maldives plus Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Wanna read more about it:

With excitement I received my package and here arrived the shiny, yellow & rose gold pieces encased in their own little bags and black-rock-n-roll-marble effect, textured looking boxes.

Large “upside-down” gold palm trees (both earrings & necklace are collabs with WAH) were my chosen purchases alongside with a rose-gold geometrical drop earrings in a caged-prism-style diamond shape.

Love these pieces & wear them religiously – earrings are more for a night out (wore the pineapple ones with a WAH dress – more on that in a later post) and the necklace is perfect for creating the layered necklace look.

My 2 loves … check out the websites:

Til next bloggie post … Have a great week and keep your eyes peeled for more foodie & fashion soon!

Jen ❤