Hello Hem Nine Nine Vietnamese Fun

Hi All and welcome back to “I am Very Busy.” There are very many countries where the cuisine is traditional & so amazing that there would be no need to sample other cuisines of the world … But this is Sydney – city of multiculturalism. I’m always about supporting local small & family type run […]

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Aperitivo Addiction (Italian Gem – Part 2)

Ciao All! Here I am again – FOOD Focused … Desperately missing Italy & all of it’s delights! Sorry I’ve been M.I.B.A (missing in blogging action), but my holiday to Italy became non-stop in it’s incredible intensity! … BUT this now means that I have a backlog of material – which is fortunate for my readers […]

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Challenged by a 1 Metre Pizza @ Bar Surry Hills & Italian Kitchen

1 Couple Vs Pizza … And not just any pizza … a 1 metre pizza!!! There is pizza and then there is enough pizza-to-feed-Sydney! One may ask what would compel a food-obsessed couple to eat so much … well it was inevitable. Most (if not all) of our friends know that we eat – a lot. At my […]

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