Terrifically Torta Tenerina – Chocolate Cake

Ciao Readers! Being in the midst of a Sydney Winter – what does people take comfort in? … Well FOOD and specifically for me it’s cake – CHOCOLATE CAKE! I always love reading up and hearing about new sweets or foods to try … And I must admit that I am not the best baker […]

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Gelato Breakfasting @ Messina

Ciao to everyone near & far! Hope everyone has had a fantabulous few weeks since my last post! Now YES I promised a shoe post and YES my fashion posts have been a ghost of late, but the truth is I can’t get over Italy & the reality of my trip being over. Every night […]

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Aperitivo Addiction (Italian Gem – Part 2)

Ciao All! Here I am again – FOOD Focused … Desperately missing Italy & all of it’s delights! Sorry I’ve been M.I.B.A (missing in blogging action), but my holiday to Italy became non-stop in it’s incredible intensity! … BUT this now means that I have a backlog of material – which is fortunate for my readers […]

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